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Distribution Italy

From cities to villages, anywhere in the country 

FERCAMS´s Distribution Italy service is capable of reaching any part of Italy quickly and flexibly, with solutions and rates you can customise depending on the packages you are sending and with no weight restrictions.

With daily departures to and from its branches, FERCAM covers the whole of Italy, from large towns and cities to small villages, picking up shipments from or delivering them to artisans and industries alike.
With more than 50 years of experience in the shipping sector, FERCAM has the expertise to keep its services efficient in the hectic world of distributing and delivering goods. Its comprehensive services are the result of computer-assisted tracking systems and fully-trained, motivated staff.


  • service available 24/7, Christmas included.
  • continuous, dedicated customer support, from first contact with our sales consultants until delivery.
  • contact with addressee’s IT system
  • flexible deliveries and storage possibilities
  • reliable COD service
  • prompt notification of storage or unexpected events
  • fully-trained, courteous staff at every branch
  • in-house customer support (not third party call center)

Additional services

  • Internet-based tracking & tracing
  • custom “All Risk” - insurance
  • RODD, our digital damage detection service providing prompt information about any problems vehicles equipped with hydraulic rear panel
  • EUR/EPAL computer-assisted pallet management 


Have a look at FERCAM´s italian network.

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