Why outsourcing warehouse logistics? Here are 5 advantages of relying on an external partner.
Why outsourcing warehouse logistics? Here are 5 advantages of relying on an external partner.
2 February 2023 - by: Dorina Lisnic

Why outsourcing warehouse logistics? Here are 5 advantages of relying on an external partner.

Not sure whether to manage in-house your own goods or rely on a company that provides Contract Logistics services? Read the article and find out which may be the best choice for your company.

During the life cycle of a company, it can become a necessity to have a warehouse for goods storing. Thus, the choice between in-house logistics management or outsourcing to an external structure becomes decisive. Both solutions have several positive and negative features to be taken into account before making a decision. 

By choosing to entrust your goods to an external logistics partner, you gain: 

  1. More flexibility to market variability  

Much of the operations of companies in the B2C sector are subject to market seasonality, i.e. predictable cyclical variations in workflows depending on the time of year. A classic example is western retailers who experience peak sales during the Christmas period. Contract logistics service providers can offer flexible solutions to suit every need. In the case of low seasonality, for example, temporary warehousing is a possible choice, which allows your company the flexibility to respond to variations. In busy periods, on the other hand, the distribution of goods can be carried out over several warehouses connected by an efficient transport network, all without any interruptions or delays to delivery. 

  1. The convenience of added values 

A proprietary warehouse requires significant economic investments that can result in limits that are often not compatible with the growth of one's business. These include the costs of managing the facility, the necessary handling equipment, warehouse management software and the training of dedicated personnel. As such, companies specialising in logistics are constantly investing in the development of their warehouses and their processes, in addition, competitive management systems such as WMS or WAS for material flow and information management are a must. A further ace up the sleeve of these companies are the various certifications and licences held, which guarantee effective competence. Thus, the service offered is the only cost borne by the company that chooses to outsource. 

  1. Access to the entire supply chain 

Most logistics companies not only manage the storage of goods efficiently, but also offer numerous value-added services. These include, for example, the preparation of sales kits, the packaging of goods, as well as support in customs and tax formalities for any shipments beyond state borders, and transport management of your goods. This will allow your company to rely on a single partner that can offer a complete service for the different stages, thus avoiding individual collaboration agreements that would require more time and resources. 

  1. A sustainable solution 

Relying on Third Party Logistics means being able to take advantage of the best warehousing systems, which are the result of a continuous investment to modernise, digitise and optimise warehouses. This also includes various actions aimed at greater protection of environmental balances, such as the use of digital data entry devices to reduce paper waste, or the use of photovoltaic panels as a green energy resource, as well as the installation of LED lighting systems to improve energy efficiency. 

  1. An increased competitiveness 

Managing a warehouse involves considerable resources and effort, both in terms of time and financial assets. Choosing an external partner will allow you to devote 100 per cent of the resources to your company’s core activities and invest more in its growth. 

By choosing the right logistics partner, you have the security of serious and reliable management of your goods that you can constantly monitor remotely! Outsourcing can therefore be a successful strategic choice for your company, especially if you establish partnerships that have a shared vision. 

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