Logistics and distribution: having a single partner pays off
Logistics and distribution: having a single partner pays off
17 February 2023 - by: FERCAM

Logistics and distribution: having a single partner pays off

Having an intermediate structure between the company and the final customer represents a more and more current choice in the panorama of the integrated logistics services. Reaching the final recipient using a single third-party player allows you to exploit the know-how saving on numerous costs of structure.

FERCAM Logistics and Distribution

In recent years, companies choose to benefit from intermediate storage structures or using third-party players to meet their commercial and logistical needs.

What drives companies to turn to third-party player?

Initially the choice could be based on dynamics linked to geographical and temporal needs, subsequently the need may switch to the urgency of acquiring additional storage space. For example there are companies that want to expand their presence in a new territory, but do not want to invest in the construction or purchase of their own facilities: using of a third-party warehouse for the storage of goods can thus become a winning choice. A further example is the companies that have reached a peak of production that have the need to stock the goods outside their warehouses.

Is it more convenient choosing a single partner for your business?

Integrating the different services provided by several partners can be difficult, as the multichannel nature of communications risks fragmenting your business work. For this reason, turning to a multi-specialized partner in the transport and logistics sector can be a strategic choice. The latter in fact can offer customized logistics and also distribution solutions that cover a very wide spectrum:

  • Storage of goods
  • Management and assemble of multiple orders simultaneously
  • Picking and packing
  • Supply of materials from various provider
  • Capillary distribution on the territory  

Are there particular distribution services that only a multispecialized partner can offer?

In recent times, one of the most widely employed trends, which has gradually established itself in the distribution field, is certainly that of dropshipping. It is a solution that involves the online sale to the final recipient of a product that materially is not yet in storage in the warehouse. This service requires a state-of-the-art distribution network, a strong presence on national and international territories and a high capacity to produce integrated services both from an IT and customer service point of view.

Being present in several markets with edge-leading facilities for storage and distribution services represents a current challenge for many production companies and, therefore, for all players operating in the logistics services sector.

FERCAM, is a multi-specialized partner for many companies and individuals and offers a wide variety of services thanks to the Transport, Logistics and Distribution divisions.