Black Friday: The Crucial Role of the Supply Chain
Black Friday: The Crucial Role of the Supply Chain
27 October 2023 - by: Dorina Lisnic

Black Friday: The Crucial Role of the Supply Chain

Year after year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday promise a significant increase in sales, with many online retailers strategically including these events in their annual forecasts. To consolidate business success and ensure a positive customer experience, meticulous preparation is essential during this peak activity period for e-commerce. Logistics, in particular, requires greater scrutiny and consideration

Black Friday: Il Ruolo Cruciale della Supply Chain

As Black Friday approaches, every retailer knows that the crucial time of the year is coming. November 24, the date of Black Friday 2023, followed by Cyber Monday on November 27, represent two of the most significant days for the retail sector, offering unbeatable opportunities for online selling brands. But with these opportunities also come challenges, especially in the field of logistics and supply chain.

But how did the phenomenon of Black Friday come about?

Over the years, Black Friday has transformed into a true shopping holiday, a global symbol of unbeatable discounts and offers. Originally born in the United States, Black Friday soon crossed national borders, spreading around the world and becoming a crucial date for the European market as well. "Black Friday," as we know it, originated in the United States and refers to the day following Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Traditionally, this day marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.
The term "Black Friday" has several possible origins. One of the most accepted theories links it to the accounting practice of recording losses in red and gains in black: on this day, thanks to increased sales, merchants went from being in the red to being in the black. Another possible origin of the term refers to the chaos and traffic that characterize this day, with consumers flocking to stores in search of special offers, generating congestion and confusion.
Every year, as Black Friday approaches, anticipation grows for the advantageous offers that will be available, putting companies in the position of having to balance attractive discounts for customers and sustainable profit margins. The pressure is high, and logistics becomes a key element in ensuring that the promised offers are actually delivered to customers, thus preserving the brand's reputation and consumer trust.

What is the Role of the Supply Chain?

The supply chain plays a fundamental role during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, days when online sales volumes reach their peak. An efficient and well-organized supply chain is essential to ensure that products are available and ready to be shipped to customers when they place an order. This implies optimized warehouse management, with fast and accurate picking and packing processes, and careful planning of stocks to avoid stock-outs. Transportation and last-mile logistics also play a crucial role, as it is necessary to deliver products to customers promptly, respecting the promises made in terms of delivery times. An efficient supply chain contributes not only to meeting customer expectations but also to reducing operational costs and improving the overall profit margin for the company.

A Last-Minute Checklist for a Successful Black Friday:

  • Advance planning: Analyze historical data to predict order volumes and optimize resource planning, including labor, inventory, and transportation capacity.
  • Warehouse optimization: Ensure that the warehouse is organized and ready to handle an increase in order volumes. This could include implementing warehouse management systems (WMS) to improve efficiency.
  • Transportation management: Establish solid relationships with transportation service providers and ensure they have the capacity to handle the additional volume. It is also important to consider alternative transportation options: it's always good to have a plan B.
  • Care for the customers: Inform customers in advance about expected delivery times and any possible delays. It is also essential to have a solid customer service, to manage any problems or questions that may arise.
  • Technology: Invest in technology that can help improve the efficiency of logistics operations, such as order tracking software and warehouse automation systems.

In conclusion, it is essential to be aware of the pressure that the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period can put on the entire supply chain. Companies must be prepared to handle a significantly higher volume of orders, while ensuring that products are delivered to customers promptly and reliably.
Strategic advance planning is essential, as is choosing a trusted logistics and transportation partner who can support the company during this crucial time. FERCAM Logistics & Transport, with its experience and expertise, is the right choice to ensure a successful Black Friday and customer satisfaction.