Fair Logistics: 5 Steps for Impeccable Organization
Fair Logistics: 5 Steps for Impeccable Organization
4 August 2023 - by: Dorina Lisnic

Fair Logistics: 5 Steps for Impeccable Organization

Successfully organizing an event or fair requires careful planning and a reliable logistics partner to take care of every step of the process. But what are the steps to follow to ensure a seamless organization?

Fair Logistics: 5 Steps for Impeccable Organization

Operations involving the transportation of goods and equipment for fairs and exhibitions demand specific solutions and expertise. Their preparation is often more complex than standard shipments, and it is crucial to ensure precise and punctual timing.
Here are the key steps for efficient fair and event logistics:

Step 1: Consultation and Planning
The first and crucial step to guarantee impeccable logistics and transportation services for fairs and events starts with thorough consultation and planning. This preliminary process enables us to fully understand the specific needs of our clients and choose the best solutions in terms of timing, means, and management of any customs documentation. During this phase, we customize and develop solutions to perfectly suit the client's requirements, offering additional services such as handling, assembly, logistics, and even extended insurance coverage, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored service for the event's success.

Step 2: Load and Material Movement
The second step involves loading the materials required for the event. Our logistics partner takes care of transporting these materials to the exhibition center, coordinating delivery times precisely to avoid delays or discrepancies. Depending on the type of event and client's needs, transportation can be done via road, sea, or air. Forklifts or cranes may be reserved to facilitate unloading and positioning of items inside the booth, ensuring safe and accurate handling of goods.

Step 3: Support During Setup
Once the materials are delivered, a significant part of the setup is completed. However, our logistics partner continues to provide support, catering to additional needs, such as supplying labor and equipment like transpallets and carts. The empty packaging service is particularly useful, allowing clients to temporarily store unused materials in the warehouse during the event. At the end of the day, the logistics partner retrieves the materials so that the client can promptly repack.

Step 4: Trade Fair Transportation in Export
For exhibitors participating in foreign fairs, our logistics partner offers a "door to stand" service. This means that the materials are picked up from the client's warehouse and taken care of customs clearance and direct delivery to the booth at the fair. A crucial aspect is to meticulously adhere to the exhibitor's established timelines, so each activity is precisely planned, including transit, customs, and transportation times.

Step 5: Management and Recovery of Packaging
Logistics doesn't stop at transportation; our logistics partner retrieves the packaging materials at the end of the event, contributing to leaving the exhibition area tidy and ready for the next use.

Behind the scenes of a successful event or fair lies a complex and meticulous work of logistics and transportation. Initial consultation and planning are fundamental in identifying personalized and suitable solutions for each client's specific needs. Careful timing, appropriate means of transportation, and management of customs documentation are just some of the aspects we attentively consider.

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