FERCAM for AgriEuro
FERCAM for AgriEuro
FERCAM for AgriEuro

FERCAM's Solutions for AgriEuro

Scalable and customized solutions for efficient and increasingly sustainable logistics

Specializing in the sale of garden machinery for over 50 years, AgriEuro has chosen FERCAM for transport and logistics services since 2012.

Thanks to the development of the e-commerce channel, AgriEuro has transformed from a small local entity into a successful global store over the years, serving as a reference for thousands of agricultural companies and individuals in Italy and abroad. The growth in volumes has also meant an increase in the need for storage space and the requirement for punctual and efficient shipment organization. A good logistics service is indeed a crucial asset for the proper management of remote sales activities.

Customer's Needs

The development and increase of online sales

AgriEuro's winning bet was the launch of the online store in 2007, through which it achieved the same sales volumes as the physical store in just one year. Relying on FERCAM's logistics has allowed them to efficiently manage the expansion of their product range. AgriEuro was already using FERCAM's transportation service through the Perugia branch for shipping bulky goods. When the need for larger storage spaces for logistics management arose, the two entities embarked on a specific design process together.

In the following years, it became evident that the investment in online commerce would continue to yield excellent results and that AgriEuro's activities would require additional storage space. Furthermore, in 2013, the development of the foreign market led to further growth in needs, resulting in the objective of relocating the logistics center further north.

FERCAM Solutions

Managing the increase in logistics spaces and designing an automated line for the innovative eco-sustainable packaging system

The collaboration between FERCAM and AgriEuro started at the Perugia branch and over the years expanded to include the facilities in Bologna, Piacenza, and more recently, the warehouses in Novara and Rho. In the spring of 2020, the FERCAM Logistics team demonstrated flexibility and readiness in supporting the client in managing the anomalies and issues related to the pandemic. Once the urgent matters related to the Covid emergency were resolved, the need for additional warehouse space remained, along with the desire to implement an automation system for packaging. The suitable environment for installing a pilot project was identified at the FERCAM Piacenza facility.

With over 50,000 square meters and 5 specialized warehouses coordinated by a centralized technical management, FERCAM offered AgriEuro several key advantages, including streamlining relationships along the entire supply chain and readiness in responding to changing needs. The logistics coordination, both operationally and managerially, contributed to the efficiency of the client's e-commerce system. Specifically, the logistics company established systematic integration at the IT and technological level to manage automation and alignment of stock levels for the just-in-time delivery service. They also defined a shared process for optimization, streamlining the assignment phases, resulting in improved control activities, communication, reduced disputes, and enhanced interaction with carriers.

To date, AgriEuro has entered into a new collaboration agreement with FERCAM to double the size of its current logistics center in Piacenza. The expansion will accommodate a second semi-automated packaging line, specializing in processing small and medium-sized products up to 25 kg. The expansion will allow AgriEuro to optimize its supply chain and increase productivity, potentially quadrupling its shipping capacity by 2024. The new packaging system will also be more technologically advanced and environmentally friendly, using 100% recyclable materials.

Logistics of the Year 2021

The project of the automated packaging line has earned FERCAM the award

«The award we received for the implementation of an innovative and eco-sustainable packaging line also recognizes the collaboration with our client, which has been consolidated over the years and is based on mutual trust and expertise. The development of such a process requires maximum availability from all parties involved and a joint commitment to achieving a common goal. In our project, in addition to efficiency and flexibility, sustainability of the process is particularly important,» says Roberto Arduini, Process Engineer at FERCAM.

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