FERCAM for Tecnica
FERCAM for Tecnica

Recycle Your Boots

An all-round sustainable project

With the Recycle Your Boots project, Tecnica aims to help protect the planet by transforming old ski boots into second-generation material. For this ambitious project, the company has chosen to entrust the transport of goods to FERCAM.

Our customer's needs

Tecnica is one of the most important brands in the world market of sports footwear, from outdoor shoes to ski boots. The Recycle Your Boots initiative stems from the awareness of the problem linked to the production of waste and its disposal: all those who need to buy a new pair of ski boots are offered to return the old ones, of any brand, so that they can be recycled. With a transparent and sustainable process, all the materials that make up the boots are then recovered and reworked.

The Venetian company needed a personalized service for the collection of old boots from stores, and their transport to the centers where the materials are further processed in order to recover the components. There was also a need for all logistical operations to take place according to the same logic of respect for the environment and sustainability along the entire chain.

FERCAM Solutions

The reduced environmental impact services offered by FERCAM are coherent with the idea behind Tecnica's project: the reduction of harmful emissions, the use of alternative traction vehicles and saving of energy resources. Tecnica chose FERCAM because the two companies share the same values ​​and the ideal logistic solution could be tailored together, so that it would meet all the customization needs required by the project.

As a partner of Tecnica, FERCAM takes care of collecting the goods from the participating stores and of all the transport operations. The old ski boots are delivered to a specialized company that transforms them into second generation material, such as plastic granules and pieces of aluminum, which will then be melted and reused in industrial production.

The collection centers are always in tourist locations far from the major motorway routes, so FERCAM has aimed at minimizing withdrawals, optimizing the routes and thus avoiding traveling empty kilometers.

For Tecnica, relying on FERCAM represents the continuation of its sustainability project. Thanks to the use of LNG trucks and electric vans for the last mile sections, and to the adoption of specific measures for the neutralization and compensation of CO2 emissions with Carbonsink, FERCAM guarantees the eco-compatibility of the logistic operations connected to the initiative.

Who is Tecnica Group?

Today Tecnica is one of the world leaders in the ski boot sector, present in Europe, North America and Asia, with a team of more than 3,150 people.
Their circular economy project was adopted by Life program, a financing instrument of the European Union. Over 150 stores have joined Recycle your Boots, but this number is expected to increase, thus spreading the company's ambition to stimulate renewed environmental sustainability.

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