Specialization in Hotellerie - FERCAM Removals and Relocation
Specialization in Hotellerie - FERCAM Removals and Relocation
Specialization in Hotellerie

Services dedicated to the Hotel sector

FERCAM Removals & Relocation offers specific solutions for hotels undergoing renovation, requalification, or relocation.

We cooperate with architectural firms and general contractor companies to provide organizational support for managing complex projects related to important buildings. Through the synergy of our services, we act as a single point of contact, ensuring the successful outcome of the project.

The advantages of FERCAM Removals & Relocation Hospitality Services

Over the years, we have contributed to the success of prestigious luxury and extra-luxury hotel requalification operations, actively participating from the beginning in activities such as:
  • strip-out activities: Emptying structures of furnishings in preparation for renovation
  • inventory cataloguing with accompanying photographic documentation
  • appraisal of furnishings and valuable assets
  • careful packing activities
  • creation of customized protective crates
  • transportation: Reception of furnishings at our warehouse for items to be repositioned within the renovated structures
  • logistics management of all assets, vehicles, and equipment functional to the construction site
  • warehousing and storage
  • skilled labour for furniture assembly and setup.
Through the synergy of FERCAM's departments, we act as a single point of contact capable of managing the needs that arise during construction operations, promoting process integration and ensuring the successful outcome of the project.

The sustainability topic has now fully entered the language and strategic plans of every major company, stimulating the launch of many Corporate Social Responsibility projects and initiatives.

FERCAM is committed to sustainable development, both from an environmental and social perspective. We support our clients and partners in contributing to achieving community ESG goals. To this end, FERCAM Removals & Relocation has entered into an agreement with Regusto, a platform that provides a simple and transparent solution for tracking exchanges and measuring the social, environmental, and economic benefits resulting from the recovery and redistribution of donated goods and products.

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