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Consequences of a hard brexit

What will the consequences of a possible "Hard Brexit" be on the transport sector?

There are two months left until the end of the transitional period, which will conclude with the end of the year 2020. However, no agreement has yet been reached between the UK and the EU: the lack of an agreement at an EU level, the so-called "hard Brexit", will have significant consequences on transport, for which it is good to be prepared.
Sustainable development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals: taking care of the planet and its inhabitants

A process of definition started almost 50 years ago, with an awareness of the need to share the same vision and the same goals for truly sustainable and coherent growth. For business entities, the targets represent guidelines to be expressed in concrete and positively impactful actions.
coffee supply chain

The coffee supply chain, a 360° logistics and transport experience

Let’s travel with a coffee bean along its long journey, which will lead us from plantations in the tropical and subtropical areas of the world, to the roasting machine, and finally to our own cup. What stages does the process involve and which logistics and transport services are involved in this long chain?
Rethink your supply chain

Seize the opportunity in the crisis to rethink your supply chain

Not only reacting to today's problems but investing correctly in the future, this is the most current challenge for those in charge of logistics chains. How to structure a resilient supply chain? The key concepts are continuous monitoring and flexibility of adopted solutions.
Real Time Visibility and Predictive Transport

Real Time Visibility and Predictive Transport: transparency at your fingertips

One of the priorities from a logistics point of view today is to be able to establish and manage supply chains with the highest possible efficiency, in order to reduce costs, timeframes and environmental impact. This is made possible by increasingly smart systems, thanks to progressive digitization and a continuous exchange of information, in real time.
logistics of tomorrow training paths

The logistics of tomorrow: what training paths are there to enter the world of transport?

Logistics is a fascinating and dynamic sector, which is easier to access after completing a specialized school program. The opportunity to come into contact with companies in the sector is fundamental during training, in order to gain direct experience and help find the right path
Business continuity fercam

Operational continuity: are we ready to face a crisis?

Is it possible to become more resilient to emergencies? How can you avoid disruption to operations and maintain business performance in the event of extraordinary events? By being prepared for even highly unfavorable circumstances, however unlikely they might appear to occur
Christian Jarnig FERCAM Austria

FERCAM Austria: how FERCAM’s international network reacted to the Covid-19 emergency

Christian Jarnig, Country Manager of FERCAM Austria, tells us about management during the quarantine period, the consequences for our business and the approach that has allowed the Austrian branches to remain competitive and provide solutions to their customers even during the emergency
fercam tunisia covid reaction

FERCAM Tunisia: how FERCAM’s international network reacted to the Covid-19 emergency

Answering a few questions, the Country Manager of FERCAM Tunisia, Laura Zinolli, outlines the picture of the health emergency in the country, from the rigid but positive management of the quarantine to the impacts on transport activities. Working from home was not possible, due to an insufficient digitalization of processes, but hope lies in future innovations.
Xavier Majem_FERCAM Spain, France and Morocco

FERCAM Spain, France and Morocco: how FERCAM’s international network reacted to the Covid-19 emergency

We asked Xavier Majem, Country Manager at FERCAM Spain, France and Morocco, how lockdown and remote working were experienced, what changes were provoked by new business dynamics and what we should expect in the near future.
Future of ecommerce post Lockdown_FERCAMBlog

E-commerce and home delivery: how will the lessons learned during the lockdown translate to the future?

Many people had never ordered online before being confined in quarantine by Covid-19, but this unusual situation led to a spike in e-commerce purchases. In the future, the focus will be on omnichannel systems and experiencing the dynamics of glocalization. So how can you manage the image of your brand with the end customer when the only contact is virtual?
Intermodal transport FERCAM

Intermodal transport: The skip-the-line ticket to Northern Europe

The resumption of post lockdown trading does not necessarily mean having to deal with long queues. The right answer to make transport more efficient, safe, and eco-sustainable, is traveling by rail. And yet the current infrastructure and mode of operation still need improvements for this solution to be truly competitive.
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