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Could hydrogen be the fuel for an eco-sustainable future?

The production of hydrogen from renewable sources could lead us towards a sustainable energy future. FERCAM, which has always been a promoter of growth and development, is close to the project for the Brenner Green Corridor. We therefore invest in new innovative technologies and alternative fuels, with the aim of continuing to reduce the environmental impact of transport as much as possible.
Factoring FERCAM

Getting out of the liquidity crisis thanks to factoring

After the lockdown phase, many companies need to face the immediate consequences of the suspension of activities. A simple answer to the lack of liquidity, due to difficulties in collecting payments, is the factoring mechanism, or the transfer of one's credit to a third party, which will make the payment in advance.
air shipments_impact of Covid-19

International logistics: the impact of Covid-19 on air shipments and future development projects

The air freight sector was heavily impacted by the Covid-19 emergency. Jury Michelozzi, Director of the Air & Ocean Division, describes the current scenarios, which are different for import and export, composing a picture of the initial recovery. The question of subsequent developments remains open, but the signs of recovery bode well for future projects.
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