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EDI Solutions

EDI integration solutions

EDI enables Customers to connect with FERCAM in a simple and safe manner for the automated exchange of information and documents Thanks to many years of experience in using EDI technology and its own specialist staff, FERCAM is now connected daily with more than 500 customers of its transport services, and processes more than 100,000 electronic transactions every day. In 2017 alone, 93 new customers were integrated via EDI.

 Drawing on its experience, FERCAM has created its own standard that ensures the optimal handling of goods for customers, optimising the processes to achieve the ultimate level of service. By adopting the "FERCAM Standard", customers are given the assurance of a streamlined and speedy start-up phase, with the correct management of all essential information.
 A joint project team, comprising the Customer and FERCAM's staff, analyses the operating process in detail, taking advantage of every opportunity for improvement and streamlining the procedures wherever possible.


  • State-of-the-art IT integration systems (~ 100,000 electronic transactions per day)
  • Dedicated development and support departments
  • IT system integrated with a European network
  • 280 new customers integrated via EDI from 2017 to today (based on data available up to July 2019)
  • Over 630 customers currently connected via EDI

Advantages of EDI

vantaggi dell'EDI
  • Reduced manual handling costs
  • Less time required for goods acceptance
  • Fewer typing errors
  • Greater quality of information
  • Faster shipment operations
  • Greater synergy between the customer and FERCAM processes

The EDI system for Distribution services

The EDI system (Electronic Data Interchange) is adopted by FERCAM for the simplified and secure automated exchange of information and documents.

To date, FERCAM is connected daily with more than 550 customers and Distribution partners. Specialist FERCAM staff, in collaboration with the customer, ensure quick and efficient connections, optimising the processes according to the Customer's specific needs.
  • State-of-the-art IT integration systems (~ 100,000 electronic transactions per day)
  • Dedicated development and support departments
  • IT system integrated with the European and extra-European network
  • 108 new Distribution customers integrated via EDI in 2018
  • 93 new Distribution customers integrated via EDI in 2019 (given in July 2019)
  • Over 500 Distribution customers currently connected via EDI.
Solutions for every need
  • Automatic import of shipping / collection information 
  • Real-time updates, with automatic notifications on the progress of shipments, also via SMS or Mail, to follow your goods 
  • Electronic documents: automatic sending or receiving of electronic documents (DDT, POD, invoice details, etc. ..) 
  • Web tracking: shipment monitoring directly from the FERCAM website or by integrating a link within your management system 
  • ADR: import of ADR information for a correct and optimized management of dangerous goods 
FERCAM barcode label

Customers who prefer to check the goods in their warehouses can choose the most convenient option between: 

  • Self-production: the information FERCAM needs is integrated into the customer's label 

  • ZPL solution: after importing shipments via EDI, FERCAM sends the customer the labels ready to be printed 

easyEDI is an Excel sheet with fixed columns that can be filled in manually or also trough "copy-paste" 
  • The only indispensable requirement is the use of Excel, nothing else is needed. 
  • easyEDI performs all the basic checks and helps the user to correctly enter the information. 
  • easyEDI helps the user to send the shipment data to FERCAM. 
  • easyEDI is ready for use and the service can be activated very quickly. 
  • To use easyEDI, no IT skills or customer development are required. 
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