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FERCAM for Sustainability: discover the initiatives

As a leading transport and logistics company, FERCAM has always been attentive to all technological innovations that effectively reduce harmful emissions.

It is in fact no coincidence that attention to the environment is one of the central points of the new FERCAM2025 strategy and has taken the form of a concrete cross-sectional project on all business areas called "Green Logistics".

Environmental sustainability

In order to achieve its goals in the field of environmental sustainability, FERCAM is moving in parallel on several complementary fronts, such as the revision of its fleet, the intelligent and rational use of resources and the use of environmentally friendly traction and fuels.

Smart and efficient use of resources

Social sustainability

A non-profit company, FERCAM Echo Labs Srl Social Enterprise, was founded

FERCAM Echo Labs focuses on the development of Corporate social Responsibility projects. The idea of creating a permanent laboratory with the aim of promoting further social initiatives, even outside our offices and Business, was born starting from the actions dedicated to the well-being of employees and collaborators.

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