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FERCAM Together

Fercam Together

Fercam Together is a project for the long haul orientated towards the continuous improvement of the company climate. Collaboration among people is the focus on which all activities are built. Activities ranging from corporate events to training activities, all aimed at improving the welfare of our employees at work, day by day. 

For Fercam the working environment is very important. That is why we conduct an internal analysis of the climate every two years in collaboration with a trustworthy partner that helps us collect accurate data on relationships between employees and their managers, on relationships among colleagues in and out of their workgroup and on the sense of belonging to the company. This way, Fercam can outline the areas where action is required and those where employees are already satisfied.

Some concrete examples? Thanks to "Fercam Together“ some branches have developed specific activities to satisfy the needs of their organisation, such as the establishment of regular informational meetings about the company or the creation of a common area to have lunch together. The Newsletter "People@Fercam" accompanies employees, telling them periodically about new interesting projects involving a department, branch, division or the whole company. A final example is the “Fercam Champions League”, an annual tournament in which, besides having fun doing sports, employees from all over Italy and Europe get to know each other personally and spend some time together. Fercam Together.

The branch is outside London, hosted in a beautiful Innovation Center. It's a small office and the climate is very positive....
On the 2nd October the Rhine Valley Railway will reopen. You can find more information at this website update.fercam.com
From the 1st August 2017 FERCAM will have a new branch office in Belgrad, in Novi Beograd - Milankovica 9/Z
The new branch office, situated near the port in the Rades industrial area, will be inaugurated soon. The new building has an...
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