FERCAM described by our employees

Our employees are our most valuable asset! We invest in people who are young, ambitious, motivated and humble to develop and support them, so that they, as industry experts, enrich our team with their know-how and valuable expertise.

Giulia Trinceri

Junior Sales Manager – Euronational Distribution

My experience in FERCAM started only a month after obtaining my degree, when I was welcomed, without particular experience in the field, into the company , which immediately involved me as part of the project, allowing me to take the first steps towards the profession that I dreamed of doing since I was a child. FERCAM represents an organisation that, although multinational, involves employees on a 360° basis, making them feel an integral part and living their everyday work. 
Here the focus is mainly on human capital, investing both in personal and professional growth through a gradual process based on mutual collaboration that allows everyone to feel perfectly integrated within the company mechanisms.
The availability and trust of colleagues and the versatility of the environment have allowed me, up until now, to make the most out of my abilities. Why would someone want to be part of FERCAM then? Because here they still believe strongly in employees (collaborators), the true heart of the company with which comparison is put first.
FERCAM is a stimulating environment and is in constant evolution, this in particular is one of the reasons why it is the absolute leader in its sector. Being part of this organisation is certainly a unique opportunity.

Stefano Asperti

Transport Manager - Full Truck Load Freight Management

Working in FERCAM means being the link between the client and the consumer and our goal is to fulfil every request. Goods always on the move and timely delivery are the basis of our operations. 
The opportunity to always deal with different situations, cultures and lifestyles and the international atmosphere create a particularly stimulating environment.
The word "monotony" doesn't exist in FERCAM: every day we face very different challenges from those we have just overcome!

Giuliano Boldorini

Sales Director of Euronational Distribution

In FERCAM I am honoured to coordinate the sales organisation of "Euronational" Distribution. 
Enthusiasm, professionalism and the energy of colleagues and collaborators is the daily sustenance that allows me to carry out this role with great reward.

The important and constant growth that FERCAM has achieved to date is undoubtedly the result of a combination of ingredients that originate from a "yeast base" grown from the professionalism and ethical values that have allowed FERCAM to have a great past, strong foundations, and above all, thanks to this, the prospect of being able to continue to build a great future.
The market, the clients, hears and sees that these issues and these values are presented daily by all of our employees.
In FERCAM our collaborators are proud to be here, but what  pleases and motivates us is that every day we do our work with commitment to what we think will allow FERCAM to be "proud" of us, its team!
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