At FERCAM Bologna the relationship with the warehouse staff is now exemplary

At FERCAM Bologna the relationship with the warehouse staff is now exemplary

14 months of peace, without the collaborators who support FERCAM in warehouse activities having felt the need to express their needs through targeted strikes, as unfortunately happened in the past. The Branch Manager, Carmine Pisano, tells us about the path that led to the improvement of the relationship with the Cooperative and of the agreements with the Cobas, the result of which today is an excellent climate of collaboration and mutual respect.

What steps have been taken to address and resolve the discrepancies?

Unfortunately, we have had some problems in the past with the warehouse staff, it is not a secret. The relationship had worn out over the years and it was necessary to make a radical intervention, so we concluded the contract with the previous company in charge and found a new supplier. In fact, there was simply a transfer of personnel, that is, in the warehouse we are working with the same people as before. However, there has been a change in management and the logic is now completely different. And certainly we have been able to establish a new dialogue, which is already bearing fruit.
I also believe that having found an agreement plan with the Cobas of Bologna, a city of great importance for trade union activities, may have infused positive lymph also in other territories, as fortunately the moments of misalignment that other branches had to face seem to have been progressively overcome.

What was the essential foundation for this intervention?

When I acquired this role at the beginning of 2020, I knew I had to invest time to make myself known and accepted, to gradually build a relationship of mutual trust. In my opinion, every good relationship, both professional and private, is primarily based on listening. Listening to needs to be able to offer support, listening to recognize work well done.
This is why I always try to reserve enough space in my days for meaningful exchanges with colleagues and collaborators. For several months now, I have been happy to observe a good climate, despite the period being characterized by moments of considerable difficulty caused by the pandemic. I hope that I too have contributed to this general climate with my attitude, with some specific choices and my values.

What choices and values ​​are we talking about in particular?

I try to make myself an example of the company's values, such as determination, enthusiasm, reliability. These are values ​​in which I believe and which I support on a daily basis. I am often present in the warehouse, because I like to be personally involved in operational activities, a truly integral part of our organization.
My individual philosophy is simple, every person is first of all a person, a human being, so he must be treated as such, regardless of the role he occupies and beyond any hierarchy. I also firmly believe that individual involvement, motivation, is the primary engine for the success of any project.

What does it look like for the future?

Over the last few months we have carried out a rather invasive general restructuring at an organizational level on the entire Bologna branch. We are working to ensure that there is a solid foundation for truly sustainable growth, in every department and for each of our services. The intervention on certain parameters has led some situations to their natural evolution, so that on various fronts we have been able to turn the page.
I am convinced that those who believe they can do everything on their own are sinning not only in presumption but in pure blindness, because it is evident that they are not going anywhere alone. Only by working together can good results be achieved. Therefore, I can only thank the whole team, which certainly also includes the warehouse staff, for the results we have and that we will undoubtedly continue to achieve in the future.
Cooperation, trust, respect. People always come first at FERCAM, that is how we guarantee a higher quality service.
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