Behind the scenes of FERCAM efficiency: the Technical Support team reveals itself

Behind the scenes of FERCAM efficiency: the Technical Support team reveals itself

The I.T. Technical Support is the first point of reference for users who need help in solving various problems. The primary objective is to ensure 360​​° professional and structured support to FERCAM’s branches throughout Europe.
Patrick Violante, coordinator of the Technical Support Italy team, says: "thanks to our competence and availability, we are able to follow our users in solving their problems. Our goal is not only to guarantee a technically correct answer, but also to make our users feel at ease, reassuring them and guaranteeing the attention and availability they deserve. Through our ticketing system and our call center, we are able to guarantee resolution times appropriate to business needs. So those who turn to us know they can count on quick support to overcome obstacles. We are organized on 4 daily shifts that allow us to cover a continuous window of time, from 6 in the morning until 10 at night".

The primary channel for requesting assistance is the ticketing system, suitable for non-blocking cases, which require a scheduled or non-urgent intervention. Through the call center, by calling the assistance number, users receive instead an answer to all urgent and blocking problems that cannot wait. The ticketing system, together with our internal B.I., allows the department to track a series of KPIs, useful for monitoring not only the progress of activities, but also and above all the quality of the service compared to the standards agreed with the company. This allows to act on the organizational structures where necessary, to better respond to changing needs.

To ensure continuity of service, however, it is not enough to react to problems. Instead, it is necessary to have a proactive approach, anticipating through periodic maintenance interventions and preventive evolution, aimed at mitigating the possibility of unforeseen events with negative impacts on business continuity. These interventions usually take place behind the scenes, mainly during weekends or at night. They are carefully designed, up to the smallest detail, and concern the activation of telephone lines, data networks, WiFi systems, IT cabinets rebuilding, as well as verifying the correct functioning of the entire infrastructure. Interventions of this type are essential for correct daily management and effective governance.

"Of course, we try to limit the chances of inefficiencies to a minimum, while at the same time preparing for prompt resolution interventions should the need arise. Our approach is based on a flexible, professional, secure and structured operating standard, which respects business requirements. Furthermore, everything we do is rigorously documented". Violante continues: "trips for the opening of new offices or maintenance also represent a precious opportunity for team building, a moment of informal sharing, which helps to strengthen relationships and understandings between team members. Being able to touch the tangible and positive effects of our work, seeing that thanks to our contribution a new node in the FERCAM network can be born is gratifying and motivating, as well as a source of pride and stimulus for our sense of belonging".

Thus, the team's daily challenge takes place between organized prevention in the smallest detail and timely reaction to colleagues' requests. As Stefano Albiero CTO explains, "for the Technical Support team there is no plan B, it is always necessary to reach 100% results, we cannot allow ourselves any margin for error because we would risk interrupting our distribution network. This is the mantra, day after day: give your best, minimize response times and always find the right solution to every problem".
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