FERCAM Fine Art logistics partner for "Jago. The Exhibition"

FERCAM Fine Art logistics partner for "Jago. The Exhibition"

With a breathtaking transport operation, during which the larger sculptural works were introduced from the windows of the second floor of the historic Roman Palace, the expert technicians of FERCAM's Fine Art Business Unit handled the staging of Jago's solo exhibition.

FERCAM Fine Art logistics partner for "Jago. The Exhibition"

“Jago. The Exhibition" was inaugurated last Saturday, March 12, at Palazzo Bonaparte in Rome. Confirming itself as the artist's trusted partner, FERCAM took care of all the artworks. The exhibition was produced and organized by Arthemisia, with the collaboration of Jago Art Studio, and curated by Maria Teresa Benedetti.
The operations began in February with the collection of the artworks that were previously placed in various exhibition venues throughout Italy. Of particular importance were the maneuvers related to the movement of Figlio Velato, previously exhibited at the Cappella dei Bianchi in the Church of San Severo Fuori le Mura in Naples, and of Pietà, whose installation in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Montesanto FERCAM Fine Art had curated last fall. The works destined to be placed in the new exhibition venue have been temporarily kept in the maximum security FERCAM vault at the Roman headquarters.

Tons of marble fly through the windows

In the wonderful setting of the historic building, with a suggestive view on the Altare della Patria, with great sensitivity and expertise Arthemisia has organized an anthological exhibition entirely dedicated to the artist, exhibiting all the major works created to date. The transport activities by FERCAM as logistic partner took place between the end of February and the first days of March.
For the handling of the larger marbles it was essential to use a mobile crane: with its arm, in the middle of the night, the crates were raised to a spectacular height of over 10 meters from the ground. «The sculpture that we knew would have given us greater challenges in handling was the Venus, as it was protected by the biggest case in height, it needed to be moved in a vertical position and like the other large sculptures we had to introduce it through the windows on the second floor, with millimeter precision», explains Chiara Prisco, FERCAM Fine Art Manager. «Each movement has been designed according to meticulous calculation and was performed with extreme caution. In these cases, study and planning are essential, but our true art is flexibility: we must always be ready to react to contingent circumstances and needs, finding new solutions where necessary and re-adapting plans».

While the crates enter the windows, Jago shuttles between the street level and the exhibition rooms, stopping at times to observe the lifting activities, captivated by the operations. «Risk is also an opportunity for evolution. But I have full confidence in the competence of those who are carrying out this transport, it is a great emotion to see them back at work», he comments with a smile.
Once all the works had been transported to the second floor, the team of Fine Art technicians dedicated themselves to the handling and allocation of the artworks along the entire exhibition path, carefully placing the various sculptures on the pedestals arranged in the rooms and thus preparing them for the public fruition.