FERCAM Fine Art, OPEN CARE and Art Rights together to innovate and automate the art services market

FERCAM Fine Art, OPEN CARE and Art Rights together to innovate and automate the art services market

A new partnership between FERCAM Fine Art, OPEN CARE and Art Rights, three Italian excellences in the art services sector, has been launched. At Frigoriferi Milanesi, this morning several innovative logistic solutions were presented, tailor-made for the transportation of works of art and valuables throughout Italy and abroad. 
FERCAM fine art e open care e art rights
For the occasion have spoken: Elisabetta Galasso - CEO Open Care, Chiara Prisco - FERCAM Fine Art Business Unit Manager and Andrea Concas - CEO and Founder Art Rights.
Due to many years of expertise and bespoke solutions for the peculiar needs of the sector, both FERCAM Fine Art and OPEN CARE brands have given life to a collaboration of very high added value for the customers of the art and precious objects sector. The decision to inaugurate this professional synergy together derives from the awareness that both parties can boast the same excellent quality of service, the same highly professional approach and the same deep passion for the protection of the international artistic heritage.
The synergy between Art Rights and FERCAM Fine Art has made it possible to structure the first integrated online service for the transportation of works of art at affordable prices. The exclusive agreement offers the possibility to ship works of art throughout Italy taking advantage of four "turnkey" solutions, depending on the value of the work that the customer wants to ship. The shipment is always carried out in total safety, with reduced rates starting from 120 euros and the possibility of requesting the integration of specific services with high added value: paperwork, packaging, collection and scheduled delivery to the floor, according to the needs and higher quality standards required by operators in the sector. On the Art Rights platform, in complete safety and with a simple click, it is possible to request the shipment of one or more works of art, receiving, without obligation, a proposal designed specifically for one’s needs.
"This triangulated partnership offers us the possibility to centralize different expertise and solutions in a single proposal, maximizing the strengths of each of our companies," explains Chiara Prisco. "In a single point of contact, our Customer will be able to find answers to diversified needs, thus optimizing the management of their processes, but always with the guarantee of being able to relate to specialized interlocutors for each of the services they wish to use. It is an innovative offer, with which we wish to put many years of experience and cutting-edge technology at the service of art, and in respect of which we are already pleased to find the interest of Customers".
The partnership between FERCAM Fine Art, OPEN CARE and Art Rights, is a timely response to the new post-pandemic market characteristics, supporting the art world, between physical and digital, with a focus on integrated and automated services.
Behind the scenes of an art exhibition, a show, a museum or a collection, there is a large number of professionals, technicians and companies that involve almost 400 thousand operators for a market of over $50 billion of exchanges and related movements of works of art. 
Services for art are growing steadily: over $20 billion is the estimated volume of ancillary services, legal, insurance, storage, transport, conservation or restoration of works of art. According to UBS's latest Art Market Report 2021, packaging and shipping services account for 14% of art services worldwide. 
In a historical moment of great change, where in the last year online and remote sales have risen by 25% despite a declining market, there is increasing attention to new logistical solutions to allow the movement of works of art at sustainable prices and in complete safety.