FERCAM introduces: the branch of Novara

FERCAM introduces: the branch of Novara

Already home to an extensive logistics warehouse, now the branch also manages national distribution 

They dubbed it the capital of logistics: the territorial situation of the city of Novara, so close to Malpensa and crucial highway junctions, with the second national intermodal terminal, makes it an exceptionally important hub for the transport sector. And the nearby town of Agognate, just northeast of the city center, just a stone's throw from the highway exit, is an expanding hub for goods handling and logistics activities. Here, the countryside has welcomed generous warehouses and yards, and there are plans to expand the area dedicated to transport. Here, for years, FERCAM has been one of the best-known players in the logistics scene. 

22,000 square meters with 57 loading bays, 850,000 collected parcels and more than 1000 trucks in transit every month for logistics, more than 10,000 shipments managed for national distribution: these are the numbers of a branch still at the beginning of its growth. A subsidiary that to date is investing heavily in improving its systems, computerizing, and automating them, with the intention of using cutting-edge technology and making workflows more efficient, while reducing the possibility of human error. 

The logistic warehouse in Novara makes use of several innovative technologies, such as combined cycle, paperless drops with guns, storage proposals and automatic interfaces. "Customers entrust us with the custody and management of their goods: we consider it an honor and a great responsibility", comments Davide D'Aviri, Logistics Department Manager. "We always try to build joint growth paths and create a relationship that makes us a real partner rather than just a supplier. For logistics customers, especially when we are entrusted with large volumes, we are able to become a bit of a tailor, to sew the solution according to demand. We are also often called upon to provide consulting services to support production processes. Together with one of our important customers we have studied, for example, the optimization of packaging and palletizing for a product line, thus optimizing both storage and transport". 

Historically dedicated to the FERCAM Logistics division, since 2020 Novara can also boast a national distribution department. In fact, the staff of the nearby branch in Vercelli (Buronzo) has been reunited with colleagues from Agognate, in order to optimize workflows and promote internal synergies. Federico Piovera, Head of the Distribution Department, explains: "The reason for the transfer was purely a business matter. The Buronzo branch managed 3 provinces in collection and delivery: Biella, Vercelli and Novara. These are the same territories that we still manage today from our new headquarters, but 60-70% of our activities have always been concentrated in the province of Novara, so the previous location was decentralized with respect to our actual needs. Moving to Agognate we moved closer by about thirty kilometers, thus managing to be more productive and efficient". 

Plans for the future are to intensify the collaboration between the two departments, now made easier by physical proximity. The possibility to monitor the entire supply chain means being able to offer 360° solutions, with information available in real time with systems perfectly interfaced with each other. "Being able to offer our customers complete services, efficiently managed by the same team is a great advantage", says the Branch Manager, Stefania Pentimalli. "It gives us the opportunity to follow the customer in the best possible way, since we can offer a single point of contact and greatly improve communication. We are seeing it well with our Control Tower dedicated to Decathlon, the added value in centralizing the service is clear". 

Visiting the structure of FERCAM Novara, in the warehouse as well as in the offices you will find an environment that is not only clean and tidy, but also carefully designed in every detail, with evident care to create an efficient, safe and pleasant working environment. Many potted plants, a nice common area for lunch breaks and rooms dedicated to the warehouse staff, with changing rooms and a kitchen. Stefania Pentimalli says: "What I have always tried to do, as a manager, is to build a cohesive team that can work in a welcoming and familiar environment, a team in which everyone is equally engaged and competent. Putting people in a position to work calmly and to want to do it well, to create a desire to obtain results of which they can be proud: in my opinion this is the essential basis to be able to guarantee customers a quality service". 

The testimonies of the staff also show this closeness in a striking way, a working group is described in which people are always ready to support each other. Pentimalli concludes: "the loyalty, the affection of the people at the company, must be earned by the management. But it is not difficult, we start from shared values, giving confidence to get it in return, showing enthusiasm and dedication, to make it a real common culture. Today I know with certainty that I can rely on a group of autonomous people, who care about the success of our branch as much as I do: this is our strength". 

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