FERCAM joins the Freight Leaders Council (Italy)

FERCAM joins the Freight Leaders Council (Italy)

A return to the roots for FERCAM, which after joining the European Freight Leaders Forum rejoins the FLC association. Freight Leaders Council aims to establish a network between various members of the logistics field, for the sharing of knowledge and responsible growth in the sector.

Freight Leaders Council is an association that brings together, as the statute states, "people of relevant experience and professionalism, representing companies operating, even with opposing interests, according to the Principles of Optimization of the Value Chain, along the Supply Chain, and in particular in Logistics, or who have distinguished themselves for the realization of innovative solutions in the sector of activity, opinions, judgments and guidelines, authoritative and credible both for the Community and for the Institutions, in a global and not partisan perspective, contributing in this way to development and competitiveness in all sectors of interest, to the constant updating of culture and transport policy, to civil ethics and to the common good". The aim is to build a sectoral network linking various representatives of the logistics sector, from producers to transporters and infrastructure managers. These actors will therefore have the opportunity to discuss and examine the challenges that await the future of logistics from different points of view. The association's primary objective is to contribute to the sustainable evolution of transport and the dissemination of the logistics culture, by publishing studies on the most current trends and research and in-depth projects. For this reason, it also includes a Scientific Committee, made up of distinguished exponents of the Italian academic world.
The contact person for FERCAM is Maurizio Vioni, Director of the Logistics Division, who comments on the recent confirmation of membership: «Freight Leaders Council is a prestigious association, based on the principle of sharing knowledge among the various players in the Supply Chain, for the construction of a more sustainable future for logistics and transport. FERCAM shares its principles and vision, so we happily take the opportunity to collaborate towards this common goal. For example, we will gladly participate in the Lean & Green program, a project for the reduction of CO2 emissions in logistics activities. As a company, we have always wanted to have a leading role in the research and implementation of innovative solutions, to be able to contribute to a virtuous growth of our sector. Joining this network will certainly offer us valuable tools to continue doing so in an even more informed, shared and intelligent way».


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