FERCAM: Record turnover for 2021

FERCAM: Record turnover for 2021

The South Tyrolean logistics and transport company FERCAM closes 2021 with a record turnover of 943 million euros, an increase of 16% compared to the previous year; an exercise characterized by difficult framework conditions due to the pandemic and the general difficulties in the global supply chain. Double-digit increase for the Air & Ocean Division.

FERCAM: Record turnover for 2021

The result of the consolidated turnover in 2021 is very satisfactory for FERCAM, which after being penalized by the general crisis induced by the pandemic in 2020, managed to overcome the pre-Covid values, despite a general context that is not easy, that of 2021, with a pandemic not yet eradicated, a significant increase in energy and fuel costs, a marked reduction in the supply of international air cargo and, last but not least, the well known issues in the Suez Canal with consequent ship delays, congestion in ports and a lack of empty containers. 

However, it was the Air & Ocean sector that recorded excellent performances: the limited load capacities and consequently increased freight rates had, thanks to a reliable and efficient network, positive effects on the turnover of the sector, with an exceptional increase of 56%. "Strong long-standing partnerships with our overseas and Far East correspondents have guaranteed us the availability of air and sea cargo even in difficult situations and have resulted in reliability and certainty of service for our customers", says Hannes Baumgartner, CEO of FERCAM. “It has been a year of daily challenges, I would dare to say, that our collaborators have managed very well, thanks to their professionalism, preparation and extraordinary team spirit. And it was the confirmation that our sector stands out thanks to the skills of those who work there, because in logistics, in addition to all technology, the human factor remains very important, because it is an activity performed by people for other people". 

The performance of the historical and most important Business Unit of the Company, the Full Truck Load (FTL) sector, which alone accounts for 52% of the company's turnover, was particularly favorable. Despite the general lack of drivers on the market, also accentuated in recent months by the Ukrainian crisis, FERCAM is still able to face this difficulty through tailor-made programs for the professional training of its drivers and through massive investments in an innovative and technologically advanced vehicle fleet, to guarantee maximum safety, equipping all vehicles with driver assistance devices that make the profession easier and safer. 

The Distribution Division also positively recorded an increase in volumes, due to the quick development of E-commerce, which began in the first months of the pandemic. The growth of the sector recorded an increase of + 10.5% compared to the previous year. The entire Logistics sector was also positively influenced by this growth. 

In 2021, the turnover of the Removals and Document Management Archives sector was also increased, thanks to the acquisition of a historic company in the sector, Vinelli & Scotto, which specialized in International Moving. The Fine Art and Fairs & Events BUs have also slowly resumed their activity, previously slowed down by Covid-related measures. 


A strong network of over 100 branches - Sustainability and energy saving buildings 

Despite a general climate of uncertainty, the company in 2021 and in the first months of 2022 continued with its investment programs, focusing both on strengthening its network with new branch offices and on the sustainability of its plants with a relamping program. Many offices were equipped with smart LED light systems, aimed at reducing energy consumption. 

In 2021 the branches in Como, Cuneo and Udine were moved to new locations with innovative warehouses. Due to the limitations of physical travel imposed by anti-Covid measures, for the first time in the history of the company, a branch was opened remotely. From the search for the property to the establishment, the entire process for setting up the FERCAM Sweden offices in Helsingborg took place via conference call. 

The very recent openings in Valencia and Frankfurt have brought the number of branches owned by the South Tyrolean operator to 101. 


An increasingly green vehicle fleet 

Strong investments have been made for a technologically advanced and sustainable vehicle fleet, both for engines for international transport and for vans for urban distribution. These investments are focused on technological innovation, in order to ensure maximum safety and greater sustainability in the exercise of company activities. Experimentation and the commitment to adopt alternative fuels such as LNG, Biogas and HVO continues. 

Social investments: the foundation of FERCAM Echo Labs 

2021 was a year characterized by strong investments in the social sector for FERCAM, with the foundation of a non-profit social enterprise: FERCAM Echo Labs. A permanent laboratory, which aims to combine the Corporate Social Responsibility CSR programs of associations and companies in a network of partners, moved in concert in the direction of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. The lowest common denominator are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, transnational guidelines drawn up by the UN, where the Mission of FERCAM Echo Labs is to create networks and synergies, so that, thanks to the active participation in the laboratory, it is possible to carry out projects that individual realities independently could not have completed.