FERCAM takes care of logistics for the Biennale Arte 2022

FERCAM takes care of logistics for the Biennale Arte 2022

Sustainable logistics for the 59th International Art Exhibition in Venice, entitled "The Milk of Dreams" bears the signature of FERCAM Fine Art. Thanks to an offer presented in cooperation with Società Scalo Fluviale, the logistics company has been awarded the local transport service of artworks from 58 EU and non-EU countries.

FERCAM cura la logistica della Biennale Arte 2022

In addition to the local transport in Italy to and from the places of arrival, FERCAM took care of the management of customs operations and of Fine Arts procedures, where required, related to the import and subsequent export of the approximately 1400 works and installations, as well as the withdrawal, storage and redistribution of packaging in dedicated spaces.

The 59th edition of the International Art Exhibition, inaugurated on April 23rd, is the first event after the pandemic. Several months before the official inauguration of the exhibition, the transport and handling of all the works on display were already beginning.

5 countries are present this year for the first time: the Republic of Cameroon, Namibia, Nepal, the Sultanate of Oman and Uganda. The Republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan participate for the first time with their own pavilion. At the conclusion of the Biennale, next November 27th, FERCAM will again handle the transport of all the artworks towards their usual exhibition locations.

Difficulties are always present when working with art pieces and projects of great importance like these. In this particular historical moment, we encountered various logistical impediments, such as slots saturating too quickly, which required us to coordinate even more efficiently with our local agents. We are very pleased to have been able to manage an edition of Biennale Arte that is so full of meaningful content”, says Francesca Bortoluzzi, Fine Art Specialist, head of the Biennale project for FERCAM.

This widespread organization was also possible thanks to the multiplicity and verticality of the integrated services offered by FERCAM. FERCAM Fine Art Turin oversaw the coordination of all transports from England; the Full Truck Load department in Venice took care of a very delicate exceptional transport and FERCAM Tunisia managed the complex bureaucracy necessary to export one of the artworks, ensuring that it arrived at its destination within the required time.


2022 represents an important year for the Biennale for the objectives related to the achievement of carbon neutrality. FERCAM’s service was aligned with Biennale’s sustainability projects requirements, thanks to the breadth and depth of its initiatives and investments in this field.

Maximum attention was paid to the sustainability of logistic operations. Specifically, for transport and handling of works of art FERCAM used vehicles designed to minimize environmental impact. On top of this, the logistics company invests on energy efficiency and implements circular economy initiatives. For example, once their primary task has been fulfilled, some of the customized wooden crates used for artworks transport will be destined for reuse. Thanks to an agreement of FERCAM with Saviola Group and Mediaservice Recycling Srl, the wood will become recycled panels to build furniture.