FERCAM: Transport across the Brenner is increasingly more sustainable

FERCAM: Transport across the Brenner is increasingly more sustainable

The South Tyrolean logistics operator in 2021 totaled a saving of 14 thousand tons of CO² with transport carried out with TX Logistik in intermodal mode on the Brenner axis.

FERCAM: Transport across the Brenner is increasingly more sustainable

FERCAM has recently obtained the certificates of the railway operator TX Logistik, certifying the reduction of its carbon footprint achieved in 2021 thanks to the use of combined road / rail transport on the Brenner axis. FERCAM has been active for many years in the intermodal sector and for its rail / road transport it also makes use of the expertise of TX Logistik, a railway company of the Mercitalia / Ferrovie dello Stato group, together with other operators that provide railway traction service.

The Italian branches of the South Tyrolean logistics operator that perform intermodal services on the Brenner axis with TX Logistik in 2021 shipped by rail over 12,000 load units combined, totaling a CO² emission saving of over 14,000 tons overall. The calculation of the ecological footprint reduction was carried out with the Ecotransit calculation method (www. Ecotransit.org) which in turn operates according to the DIN En 16258 standard.

The certificates confirm the commitment of the logistics operator and its customers who use this method to achieve the set objectives of environmental protection and sustainability.

«In recent years, customers sensitive to environmental problems have steadily increased, preferring eco-sustainable ways not only for their production but also for transport to reach their end markets. The Brenner axis is a widely used section in the Intermodal, because this mode is less vulnerable to adverse external conditions, such as roadblocks, very long queues or unfavourable weather conditions, especially in winter. Combined rail / road transport unites the strengths of the road vehicle for last mile pick-up and delivery across the territory, combining them with the advantages of rail on long routes, simultaneously managing to achieve significant savings in CO² emissions», says Hans Splendori , FERCAM Transport Sales Director.

FERCAM clean, smarter logistics
The many corporate initiatives aimed at making FERCAM one of the primary green transport and logistics companies involve the most diverse business areas, which in addition to the constant experimentation of alternative fuels and the conversion of the vehicle fleet, also concern plants (Emission Free Buildings), largely powered by self-produced energy from photovoltaic panels and illuminated by LED light with astronomical crepuscular lights and presence detectors as well as zero-emission distribution without releasing any pollutants produced by endothermic engines in urban centers (Emission Free Delivery), a project started in Rome in 2020 which is now gradually being extended to all national branches of FERCAM.