FERCAM Udine: Relocation in the name of sustainability

FERCAM Udine: Relocation in the name of sustainability

New room for further growth

The South Tyrolean transport and logistics company FERCAM based in Bolzano strengthens its presence in Friuli Venezia Giulia with the move of the Udine branch to a new site, which became necessary to respond to the strong demand for logistics services of its local customers.
Udine trasloco
The 2,200 m2 warehouse with attached offices of the new FERCAM Udine headquarters rises on an area of ​​8,500 square meters in a strategic position south of Udine, in Baldasseria Bassa. To make cross docking, loading and unloading operations from vehicles in the warehouse easier and faster, 30 tail lift doors have been installed.

Sustainability and maximum safety of goods

The system was built with the most modern technologies to minimize the environmental impact, such as LED lighting with home automation, photovoltaic systems for the production of the electricity consumed and waterproofing suitable for energy saving.
Like the other FERCAM offices in Italy and Europe, this new plant is also equipped with a technologically advanced video surveillance system where, through a specific software, all the goods that enter the warehouse are taken back and recorded in all phases of internal handling to prevent any damage or lack of goods. The plant is also monitored 24 hours by private companies that carry out night patrols.

Our collaborators have largely collaborated with us for many years and enjoy our utmost trust and esteem; we attach great importance to constant updating and training through company procedures to ensure the safety of the goods entrusted to us", says Massimo Ghedin, Regional Manager of FERCAM.

A capillary network at the service of the regional economy

With the move of the Udine headquarters, FERCAM is able to optimize its daily direct connections from the reference area to the major national and European economic centres. These regions are of great economic interest not only for the liveliness and the strong production of wine of Friuli and Veneto companies, but also for the need for logistical services with high added value.
The most recent macroeconomic data makes us optimistic and bodes well for a recovery after the severe recession caused by the pandemic”, Massimo Ghedin is confident. "We serve in particular wineries and furniture companies that appreciate our presence on site and our widespread national network, in addition to International Distribution services that guarantee daily direct connections from the reference area to the major national and European economic centres. Our goal is to guarantee the service that distinguishes us in this area, offering reliability and proximity to our customers on site, who need an adequate logistics offer to be able to serve their customers by ensuring timely deliveries on the increasingly demanding national and international market” continues Ghedin. Currently, the FERCAM branch in Udine directly handles the collection and distribution of goods for the provinces of Udine, Gorizia and Pordenone.

Productive investments for new employment opportunities

The investment in the new FERCAM branch will certainly create new job opportunities that will be added to the current staff composed of 40 employees including direct office employees and indirect collaborators for sorting goods and driving vehicles for collection and distribution.

"All our subcontractors have proven professional competence and over the years we have established excellent collaborative relationships with them, based on mutual respect and reliability. It is our belief that as a service company the human factor is particularly important, as it is the person who renders the service an optimal service", concludes Massimo Ghedin.

Emission Free Delivery pilot project

Always very attentive to sustainability and to minimize the environmental impact of its activities, the Emission Free Delivery project (distribution of goods without releasing any pollutant produced by endothermic engines) was launched at the FERCAM branch in Rome. Results will be extended to all national subsidiaries of the company.

The pilot project is based on a strategy of green renewal of the fleet, and of the organization of storage and distribution of goods, which involves both the vehicles and the South Tyrolean logistics  operator's warehouses in the medium term (i.e. with the achievement of the objectives in 2025). FERCAM, as the first step of the project, has decided to start a collaboration with the CNR Itae (Institute of Advanced Energy Technologies) to create new types of powertrains for their trucks and vans, using biomethane and hydrogen coupled with electricity, in order to identify the type of free emission vehicle most suitable for the distribution of goods within cities.

FERCAM will be presenting this project at the Rom-E on 1, 2 and 3 October, a fair dedicated to eco-sustainable mobility.
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