From Milan to Siberia: FERCAM Fine Art wins with an agile transport solution

From Milan to Siberia: FERCAM Fine Art wins with an agile transport solution

Thanks to the partnership signed with Open Care at the end of last year, FERCAM Fine Art had the opportunity to get in touch with an important Customer, for whom the transport of a painting to Siberia was managed.
Arianna Borroni, Head of the Department in Vignate (MI) tells the details of this transport: "Our Customer had bought at auction this painting by a Russian artist, a canvas dating back to the 1960s. It is a medium-sized work, in excellent conservation conditions and of limited value, which therefore did not present any particular critical issues for transport purposes. And yet, the place of destination led us to have to deviate from our standard proposals, to find a solution that could fully satisfy the request".

The requirement was to deliver the work to Kemerovo, in Southwestern Siberia, as a gift intended for a local representative. Not being a painting of the highest value, the first transport estimate, by air transport and according to the canonical parameters of the Fine Art protocol, was found to greatly exceed the value of the artwork itself. "We made an initial assessment, estimating the first Malpensa-Moscow section by plane and the remaining section to be covered by road, as the size of the work would not have allowed it to be embarked on an internal flight", explains Borroni. The quality requirements for Fine Art transport are very high: dedicated vehicles are always provided, air-conditioned and equipped with specific safety systems, as well as two drivers always present at the same time. In addition, the particular situation we are experiencing at a global level has caused a sharp reduction in the number of flights and therefore a dizzying increase in air cargo fares. The application of standard conditions in this specific situation would inevitably have entailed costs that quite understandably could not be proportionate for a private Customer.

The Fine Art Manager continues: "however, we are lucky enough to deal with a niche product within a large multi-specialized company such as FERCAM. So we knew that we could rely on our network to propose a solution at a lower cost, to respond correctly to the need". The good conditions of the painting and the relative simplicity of packaging made it possible to propose the replacement of the air route with a road transport with a non-specialized vehicle, thus considerably reducing the rate. "Not having an air-conditioned vehicle available for the Italy-Moscow section, we concentrated on the thermal insulation of the case, since the temperature change was the main risk factor. We used Tyvek protection for the packaging in contact with the work, layers of inert expanded polystyrene for thermal insulation and silica gel sheets to limit any internal condensation", comments Borroni. Having therefore met the approval of the client, in March the work was successfully transported and delivered to the recipient, in the heart of the Russian steppe.

"Museum market and private market are necessarily different, both in the needs and in the available resources. I believe that our expertise, the competence in the management of administrative and customs clearance procedures, the care for the conservation of artistic and precious objects, can and must be made available through flexible and intelligent solutions, which allow us to address different interlocutors and respond to each need in the correct way". Arianna Borroni concludes: "this episode has allowed us to demonstrate the strength of being part of a large network of services, which allows us to dynamically formulate our transport projects, always with a guarantee of high quality and efficiency".
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