New Actros tractors for FERCAM’s fleet

New Actros tractors for FERCAM’s fleet

Driving comfort, reduced consumption and emissions, greater safety: the smart model adopted by FERCAM is equipped with innovative technologies among which the MirrorCam, digital replacement for the rear-view mirrors that supports other safety functions, such as assisted emergency braking and assisted steering system. 

FERCAM’s owned fleet has recently acquired 50 brand new Daimler tractor units. The innovative Actros is the top model of the German brand's Trucks range, already updated compared to a previous version and now even smarter. It is also a very easily recognizable model, since its profile is very different from all other trucks: it has no side mirrors. Among the most interesting features, there is in fact a camera system, MirrorCam, which replaces the exterior rear-view mirrors, significantly improving visibility during both day and night, as well as the aerodynamics of the vehicle, with a consequent reduction in consumption (up to 1,5% less fuel). The Cams are placed on the roof frame, and on the pillars in the cockpit there are displays that reproduce the image. 

The view is freer, thanks to the absence of lateral obstruction, facilitating manoeuvres and the passage of intersections and tight curves. The cameras automatically orient the angle so that the driver always has the rear end of the vehicle in view when cornering. The turning radius can also be manually adjusted to suit non-standard sized trailers. It is the end of fogged or dirty mirrors, which made driving difficult, because the cameras are equipped to be protected from adverse weather conditions. The brightness of the image is dynamic, that is, automatically modulated according to external conditions to improve visibility, but can also be changed manually according to individual preferences, even via the multifunction steering wheel. 

The coordinated system of cameras and radar also guarantees greater safety, with Active Brake Assist 5 technology, an emergency braking assistance system with recognition of pedestrians and obstacles, stationary or moving, both when crossing in front of the truck or behind the cabin. In the event of perceived danger, the system first launches acoustic and visual warnings and proceeds to bring the vehicle to a complete halt if necessary. This feature further enriches the comforts available to the driver, such as the Assist for semi-autonomous driving, with automatic distance maintenance and automatic steering system, which intervenes if the vehicle deviates from the lane. 

On Friday 12, before the new tractors officially became operational, one of the drivers, already experienced in this new technology, offered to train colleagues at FERCAM’s site in Bolzano Sud, giving a practical demonstration of the functioning of the various innovations and making sure that the potential could be exploited to the fullest.