New headquarters for the FERCAM Como branch

New headquarters for the FERCAM Como branch

The warehouse area tripled

FERCAM develops further in Como. The brand new plant located in Montano Lucino has been operational since last September 20, a few days earlier than the established times.
Como trasloco
"In terms of position nothing has changed, except we are now a few meters away from the facility, we have instead taken a giant step in terms of infrastructure", enthuses Antonello Fumagalli, FERCAM Regional Manager and also responsible for the structure in Como. The warehouse area has tripled to 6,000 square meters, the unloading/loading tippers have quadrupled from 22 to 80 with a maneuvering area suited to the needs of a logistics operator increasingly present in the area.

Sustainability and environmental protection

Starting from the redevelopment of the area with massive investments, also for the remediation of parts of the land itself, particular attention was paid to all the construction elements as well as to the systems, with the use of environmentally friendly building material. The plant was equipped with a 100kw photovoltaic system which, especially in summer, guarantees full autonomy of electric supply. LED lights with the latest generation of home automation provide the lighting of the entire structure, from the warehouses to the administrative building. "This technology is not only at the forefront in terms of sustainability, but also guarantees a factor of well-being for those who work here and spend many hours in the warehouse or at the desk", is convinced Antonello Fumagalli.

At the service of the local economy

The new branch in Como is at the service of customers in the three provinces of Como, Varese and Lecco, a very lively production area whose production often finds an outlet on international markets as well as national markets. In addition to traditional national and international distribution services with collection and delivery of goods, the branch also offers sea and air services. "Our customers, in particular of the manufacturing, clothing, fashion, but also the e-commerce sector often serve an international clientele and need a logistics operator who, in addition to the road, also offers services by sea and air. Our Air & Ocean division is among the most active in the company, because the requests for this service are innumerable among our customers. Many of them, in fact, operate on foreign markets including overseas and need complete services, ranging from the collection of goods to customs operations up to air or sea transport, depending on the timing required", continues Fumagalli.

Productive investments for new employment opportunities

The investment in the new FERCAM branch in Como in the medium term will certainly offer new job opportunities for the area.
There are currently over one hundred employees, of which approx. 30 direct office employees who take care of the administrative aspects of the branch while over 70 workers work in the warehouse and in the distribution and collection of goods. "Our subcontractors with exclusive contracts have proven professional competence, and we have long-standing collaborations with a large part of them, based on mutual respect and reliability. Our company lives thanks to the people who work there and only a capable, reliable and honest person is able to make our service excellent; this is the reason why we always try to have the best!" Fumagalli concludes.

Emission Free Delivery pilot project

Always very attentive to sustainability and to minimize the environmental impact of its activities, the Emission Free Delivery project (distribution of goods without releasing any pollutant produced by endothermic engines) was launched at the FERCAM branch in Rome. Results will be extended to all national subsidiaries of the company.

The pilot project is based on a strategy of green renewal of the fleet, and of the organization of storage and distribution of goods, which involves both the vehicles and the South Tyrolean logistics  operator's warehouses in the medium term (i.e. with the achievement of the objectives in 2025). FERCAM, as the first step of the project, has decided to start a collaboration with the CNR Itae (Institute of Advanced Energy Technologies) to create new types of powertrains for their trucks and vans, using biomethane and hydrogen coupled with electricity, in order to identify the type of free emission vehicle most suitable for the distribution of goods within cities.

FERCAM will be presenting this project at the Rom-E on 1, 2 and 3 October, a fair dedicated to eco-sustainable mobility.
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