FERCAM: Custom Groupage Services in Italy and Europe

FERCAM: a major carrier in large-scale retail distribution

The solution for your transport of pallets or single packets.
Thanks to our developed network and to daily connections, FERCAM covers the entire territory, from big cities to small villages in Italy and Europe, without compromising on quality and delivery times.
FERCAM has developed competence and reliability in the management of direct deliveries within the mass retail channel.
Your goods are transported at high standard of security and are traceable online.

FERCAM International Groupage Services

Just-in-time deliveries: strategic advantages for industry

FERCAM arrives rapidly everywhere in Europe and offers customised solutions to answer to every need:

It is the best choice if you need a delivery with guaranteed transit time across Europe. Every destination has fixed delivery times.

For those who need to respect a precise date. Deliveries can be planned according to the client's needs (for example, those companies that need to follow precise manufacturing processes).

System of daily shipments for those customers who have more flexibility on delivery times and pay more attention to costs. With EuroFlex it is possible to plan the delivery with the client.

FERCAM offers a Groupage DDP, TO DOOR and DDU service towards Russia and neighbouring countries. Our specialised department in Verona offers FTL transports, groupage and express services. FERCAM organises regular shipments towards Moscow and offers tailor-made solutions for every need and transport request. 

FERCAM Groupage Transport Services in Italy

Critical timing and traceability? Rely on the professionals

FERCAM national service reaches every part of Italy quickly and flexibly, with customised solutions and rates depending on the average number of shipments and with no weight restrictions.

Our Services:

It is the safest choice for deliveries with guaranteed transit time across Italy. Every destination has fixed delivery times.

For those who need to respect a precise date. Deliveries can be planned according to the client's needs (for example, those companies that need to respect manufacturing processes).

System of daily shippiments for those customers who have more flexibility on delivery times and pay more attention to costs. With EuroFlex it is possible to plan the delivery with the client.
Your benefits
  • daily shipments including during Christmas and summer holidays
  • dedicated customer support, from the first contact with our sales consultants to delivery
  • extremely flexible deliveries
  • safety of the goods
  • advanced video surveillance systems
  • prompt notification of unexpected events
  • in-house customer support (not third party call center)
  • possibility to request collection of the goods online
  • Advanced Tracking&Tracing, with real-time POD

FERCAM Freight Traceability System: Tracking & Tracing

Digital proof of delivery: the desired outcome of a successful shipment

Every FERCAM driver is provided with a tablet to ensure the real-time goods' traceability and more...
  • Online collection request
    Thanks to the advanced Tracking&Tracing system, the client can request the collection of the goods online, with an immediate response on the request status.
  • Real-time
    Tracking &Tracing allows sender and addressee to be updated on the progress of the shipment. By scanning the barcode at every passage the driver ensures the traceability of the goods along the whole process, from pick-up to delivery. It also allows the client to receive notice in the event of issues in the delivery and obtain photographic documentation.
  • Electronic signature
    The driver, at the moment of delivery, uploads the signature of the receiver on the system. The signature is secure because encrypted and associated only with the signed document, thanks to a certified system.
  • Digital POD (Proof of Delivery)
    Online you can also download the proof of delivery in real-time.

FERCAM Security Systems

FERCAM control of shipments: securing your freight

Thanks to FERCAM's advanced security systems your goods travel at the maximum standards of safety, against damage or loss.

Control Tower
Every shipment is monitored during the entire process. In the event of non-compliance (for example, wrong quantities, non respected delivery times or non acceptance of the delivery)  AKTIVReporting automatically  creates a report about the discrepancies, so that corrective actions can be undertaken immediately. The  user interface shows the outcome of the shipment with green, orange or red light.

RODD (digital optical scanning of anomalies)
FERCAM's RODD system guarantees the immediate management of eventual anomalies during the shipment and provides the client and the branch of departure with digital photographic documentation. 

Advanced safety systems
Our structures are equipped with advanced access and video surveillance systems to guarantee maximum safety for your goods.
The branch is outside London, hosted in a beautiful Innovation Center. It's a small office and the climate is very positive....
On the 2nd October the Rhine Valley Railway will reopen. You can find more information at this website update.fercam.com
From the 1st August 2017 FERCAM will have a new branch office in Belgrad, in Novi Beograd - Milankovica 9/Z
The new branch office, situated near the port in the Rades industrial area, will be inaugurated soon. The new building has an...
The icing on the cake in your distribution services
FERCAM collaborates with the historic brand Gondrand to offer a home delivery service to your clients, delivering and assembling the goods
Be your shipment small or big, FERCAM has the right service for you. With a developed network and qualified partners, you can count on FERCAM for shipments with defined delivery times.
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