Value Added Serivces
Value Added Serivces

FERCAM DIstribution Value-Added Services

  • Fercam offers the new VAT DIRECT IDENTIFICATION service to subjects fiscally resident in EU countries
  • All Risks warranty, tailor made to fit your needs
  • flexibility, efficiency and organisational freedom thanks to the system of import and export daily departures
  • network and an unparalleled transport plan in Europe
  • more safety for your goods, thanks to the double "Jumbo" swap bodies
  • Intrastat service to carry out the procedures of transfer or purchase within the European Union
  • carry out of customs and tax practices
  • in-house customer service, near the client and, on demand, dedicated to the client
  • Tracking & Tracing on the Internet, with real time POD and online collection
  • IT systems and advanced processes for the identification of eventual anomalies in order to intervene immediately (in case of delays, damages, ...)
  • RODD system for the digital identification of anomalies, guarantees an immediate management of eventual anomalies in the shipment, and gives real time information to the client through photographic documentation.
  • AKTIVReporting system: every shipment is constantly controlled during the shipment. In the event of non-compliance (for example, wrong quantities, non respected delivery times or non acceptance of the delivery)  AKTIVReporting automatically creates a report about the discrepancies, so that corrective actions can be undertaken immediately
  • trucks with tail lift
  • delivery to a specified floor
  • IT management of EPAL pallets

FERCAM collaborates with the historic brand Gondrand to offer a home delivery service to your clients, delivering and assembling the goods
Be your shipment small or big, FERCAM has the right service for you. With a developed network and qualified partners, you can count on FERCAM for shipments with defined delivery times.
The solution for your transport of pallets or single packets. Thanks to our developed network and to daily connections, FERCAM covers the entire territory
since the beginning FERCAM has always been aware of its environmental responsibility and is committed to reducing the environmental impact deriving from its activity
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