Value Added Serivces
Value Added Serivces

FERCAM Logistics Value-Added Services

FERCAM's logistic centres offer a wide range of value-added services, to respond to the needs of personalisation of your products.

All Risks Warranty in addition to regular coverage, stipulated over a set period or shipment-specific

Co-packing, packaging and personalisation
Within our logistic centres it is possible to integrate a series of packing procedures to increase visibility and control on your product, to bring it faster on the market.
FERCAM helps you personalise your product for final use, thanks to services as the management of materials, in-line assembly, shrink-wrapping and blister packs or labelling. FERCAM can prepare exhibitors in retail stores so that your products are ready to be displayed. FERCAM can also implement the consolidation, preassembly and sequencing of the material flows to the productive process.

Your final products are assembled, starting from semi finished products, modules or components, to help you implement a postponement strategy to produce standardised products and at the same time reducing the risk of disequilibrium and obsolescence of the stock.

Quality control
Within its logistic centres FERCAM has created specific departments for the quality control of the products. Based on technical criterion developed with you, non compliant products are identified to ensure that they are not put on the market.

FERCAM offers a 360° service for those companies that use e-commerce channels to sell their products
Move, Art and Fairs
FERCAM offers flexible and efficient solutions for the management of archives, thanks to the Documents Management services offered by Gondrand.
To help you increase your commercial exchanges outside the EU, FERCAM supports you with services of bonded and tax warehouses, and excise duty support for the efficient management of rights and taxes.
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