Oversize loads

National and international exceptional transport

The ideal choice for the transport of oversize and/or overweight goods in Italy, Europe and worldwid.

Oversize and/or overweight transports in Italy or in the world are no problem for us

By land, sea or air, thanks to our specialised services, we manage your transport needs in the most secure and efficient way possible.
In cases requiring the most delicate handling, our expert team will survey both departure and destination sites to devise the most suitable solution according to the characteristics of your product while our engineering department develops a customised transport plan.

With the appropriate vehicles and the most efficient methods, we guarantee safety, security and compliance with regulations to ensure delivery your exceptional transport.

The advantages of FERCAM's exceptional transport service

Exceptional transport in Italy

FERCAM provides a quick response to any need in the field of exceptional transport both in Italy and abroad. Our skilled staff conducts site surveys to devise the most effective solution and the most suitable vehicle for your needs.

Exceptional international and intercontinental transport

Efficient solutions for the transport of bulky and/or heavy goods. Our specialised and highly qualified staff follows the progress of your goods, monitoring shipments in real time from departure until delivery to the end customer. FERCAM plans and organises your project in detail, identifying the best and most suitable solution for the type of goods and the final destination.

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