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Full Truck Load Road & Rail

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FERCAM: On time, fast and environmentally conscious

With its large fleet of vehicles and extensive road and rail transport network throughout Europe and across the Mediterranean, FERCAM satisfies the transport needs of its clients thanks to its long experience with Full Truck Loads.
Whether it’s road, rail or combined transport, FERCAM plans optimal transport solutions for its clients, based on their specific needs. In choosing FERCAM as their transportation partner, clients can trust a top level service to match their requirements while helping to safeguard the environment.

FERCAM has always been attentive to the environmental impact of its transport services. This is proved by the renewal of its fleet of vehicles that constantly meet the latest European emission standards. FERCAM’s team of experienced, professional drivers attend 160 refresher courses a year to maintain their driving skills at peak level.
FERCAM works 365 days a year, 24/7, to ensure the traceability of your goods, offering guaranteed services backed up by a team of experts.

Besides the transportation of ordinary cargo, FERCAM’s transport services include refrigerated transport, Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) and abnormal/oversized loads.

FERCAM Fleet of Transport Vehicles

Since 1949: our fleet of trucks at your service

FERCAM owns a big fleet of vehicles that guarantees load capacity and availability 365 days a year. FERCAM has a range of different vehicles, constantly under control to ensure safety, respect of the environment and energetic efficiency. FERCAM also believes in the importance of professional development for its drivers, and offers them hundreds of courses every year, in order to optimise the safety on the road and of the goods.

FERCAM Intermodal Transport Solutions

FERCAM is at your service on road and rail

Rail transports and intermodal solutions are an important part of the services offered by FERCAM, and that's where it took its name from, in 1949, the year of its establishment. In fact, FER stands for railway (in Italian "ferrovia") and CAM stands for lorry (in Italian "camion").
FERCAM is member of the most important intermodal societies: HUPAC and CEMAT. Since 2007 FERCAM has owned a company train with daily departures towards North Europe. 
Rail transports have a lot of advantages compared with road transports. First of all they allow a 15% larger carrying capacity and a higher velocity on long routes, which also contributes to reduce the CO2 emissions.

FERCAM MED: The Assurance of Professional Transport

Customs handling: we save you time and money

If your market is the Mediterranean, FERCAM has the solution. One branch in Morocco, coordinated from Barcelona, one in Tunis, collaborating with the Livorno branch, one in Turkey and a developed network of trusted partners: this is how FERCAM manages the transports to and from Mediterranean countries with success.
On demand, FERCAM expert staff carry out the fiscal and customs procedures for you. Its bonded warehouses are made available, so that the VAT payment is suspended until the goods are effectively put on the market.
With FERCAM you can be sure that your goods are in safe hands. Different warranty solutions are offered: All Risks, CMR or ad hoc policies for specific needs.

FERCAM Transport at Controlled Temperatures

FERCAM transporting fresh produce: guaranteeing quality

Today’s shipping services are required to be fast and totally reliable. FERCAM FRESH offers fully equipped vehicles for any full truck load or partial transport under controlled temperature, be it refrigerated goods, chemical or electronic goods, or drugs.

  • on-time delivery, vehicles travelling round-the-clock, express service with two drivers
  • flexibility, same-day deliveries, 365 days a year
  • just-in-time shipments with specific arrangements
  • environmentally-friendly vehicles
  • company-owned semi-trailers with temperature recorder and printer to efficiently monitor the temperature throughout the journey
  • aggregate refrigeration units to set the temperature from + 30° to - 30°
  • dedicated semi-trailers for food, non-food or fresh meat transport

Ro-Ro connections

To and from Morocco, TUNISIA/LIByA E TURkey

Fercam offers Ro-RO connections to and from Morocco, Tunisia/Libya and Turkey with special equipment. Our branches of competence are Barcelona - Tangier, Livorno - Tunis, Istanbul - Cologne, Munich, Milan.

Our equipment:
  • Box trailer 3mt 13,60
  • Refrigerated trailers (-30°C a +30°C)
  • Mega trailer 3mt 13,60
  • Standard trailer 2,65mt 13,60
  • Swap body Containers 45’’
Goods are allowed to circulate freely, as clarified by the Chief of the Civil Protection Department in the announcement of...
FERCAM is abiding by all government regulations to protect our employees, customers and suppliers during this coronavirus emergency....
The branch is outside London, hosted in a beautiful Innovation Center. It's a small office and the climate is very positive....
On the 2nd October the Rhine Valley Railway will reopen. You can find more information at this website update.fercam.com
The answer to those companies who want to reduce the average amount of goods shipped and therefore to make more frequent shipments.
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The connection between Europe and China, an efficient alternative to sea and air transports
The icing on the cake in your road and rail transport services
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