Distribution channels
Distribution channels
FERCAM has developed a specific competence in the management of the logistic needs that are typical of this channel
Retail logistics needs an accurate design of the processes to maximise the efficiency in the warehouse and transport management, in addition to flexibility, which is crucial in this channel
his channels require a strong know-how, and FERCAM is the right partner to offer logistic solutions for the e-commerce, thanks to its consolidated experience
FERCAM has acquired competence in the B2C sector and offers a home delivery service in collaboration with Gondrand, competent and expert in removals
FERCAM has a consolidated experience in the logistics management of the DIY and gardening industries
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Headquarter Bolzano
Fercam Spa I-39100 Bolzano-BZ
Via Marie Curie 2
Tel.: +39 0471 530000
Fax.: +39 0471 530512
Email.: info@fercam.com
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