FERCAM Mass Market Retail Distribution

Value-added services for your retail outlets

With a large number of clients in the product-category destined to the mass retail channel, FERCAM has developed a specific competence in the management of the logistic needs that are typical of this channel. If you supply retail stores within the mass retail channel, FERCAM satisfies every need.

Respecting delivery times is a primary requirement, and is guaranteed by the standards of the Italian distribution network. FERCAM's drivers are provided with a tablet to let you trace your products in real time.

  • Thanks to the in-house customer service, deliveries are customised according to modalities and platforms
  • On demand, expert operators can do a customised palletisation. The direct control of the supply chain facilitates the optimisation of the transport flows.
  • The informatisation of the process, including the possibility of downloading the POD in real time, allows a better traceability of the lots delivered to every retail store.
  • FERCAM manages effectively all flows increases during high-peaks or promotions, and also the returns management at the end of promotions or other special events.
  • In FERCAM'S logistic centres it is possible to have an added value on your products: your products are prepared for promotions, with special packaging, bundle packs or the setting in promotional exhibitors.

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