FTL shipments - Full Truck Loads - FERCAM
FTL shipments - Full Truck Loads - FERCAM
FTL shipments - Full Truck Loads

International and national FTL shipments

Punctuality and efficiency while respecting the environment

International Transport

Thanks to a wide network of branches, FERCAM covers the entire European territory. Our international transports offer a customised service of on road transports. Quality, reliability, and on-time deliveries are guaranteed. Thanks to our extensive fleet of vehicles, both company owned and qualified partners distributed all over Europe, FERCAM is able to offer load capacity and availability of vehicles all year round.

Solutions for every need

FERCAM offers efficient solutions for specific industry sectors, such as the automotive. In collaboration with the Logistics division, we also offer transport re-engineering to optimize the entire supply chain of our customers. The safety of transported goods is guaranteed, thanks to a wide range of insurance products offered by FERCAM: All Risk, CMR.

Routes Management


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