Direct Identification for VAT
Direct Identification for VAT

VAT Direct Identification

Do you need to export to Italy with a goods regional warehouse in Italy?

Fercam offers the new VAT DIRECT IDENTIFICATION service
to subjects fiscally resident in EU countries who therefore don’t need to have a permanent establishment in Italy nor an Italian fiscal representative.

Non-residents can face the problem of settling their fiscal and tributary position in Italy in order to be able to work within the State’s territory.
The Community legislator provided for a solution with the Direct Identification, as per Legislative Decree 191/2002 with transposition of EU Directive 2006/112/CE, which constitutes an alternative to a permanent establishment or the appointment of a fiscal representative when the non-resident person needs to carry out VAT transactions in Italy (or in another EU Member State).
Non-residents carrying out business activities in another EU Member State and who wish to carry out VAT transactions in Italy, can resort to the direct identification for VAT purposes, fulfilling the related requirements and exercising the rights stemming from the tax application.
FERCAM offers to its clients the service of “VAT direct identification”, a consultancy service for the direct identification for VAT purposes in Italy with the drafting of documents to be filed to the Financial Administration for the Italian VAT number, relations with the Revenue Office, as well as accounting and tax services for VAT compliance as per the legislation in force, bookkeeping, drafting and filing of annual VAT returns and Intra forms, etc.
The exporter to Italy must therefore pay the VAT only at the moment of the delivery to the final customer; moreover, if the product is not sold in Italy, it can be sold in a different EU country and only with the delivery to that country the Intra form is required and the VAT is due. If the product is not sold at all, it can return to its country of origin not producing re-exportation activities nor VAT obligations.
In conclusion, in order to welcome non-residents wishing to carry out activities in Italy, the direct identification for VAT purposes is a viable solution to simplify the operations in terms of costs and bureaucracy.

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