FERCAM - Emission Free Delivery
FERCAM - Emission Free Delivery
Emission Free Delivery

Emission Free Delivery

A project dedicated to the reduction of emissions from last mile distribution services in urban centres

In FERCAM, azienda di trasporti e logistica con un network esteso in tutta Europa e nel mondo, sappiamo che le nostre scelte possono avere conseguenze significative in termini di sostenibilità. Per ridurre l’inquinamento nel centro delle nostre città, nel 2020 abbiamo avviato il progetto Emission Free Delivery, che prevede una revisione complessiva del parco veicolare circolante

The partnership with CNR-ITAE and Sapio

In support of the initiatives launched, FERCAM has recently signed an agreement with the CNR-ITAE, thus being able to make use of the maximum national expertise for consultancy on the design and construction of zero-emission vehicles BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) and FCHEV hydrogen (Fuel Cell Hybdrid Electric Vehicle), and production plants from RES (Renewable Energy Source), storage and distribution of alternative fuels (EE - Green Electricity / H2 - Green Hydrogen).

FERCAM and CNR-ITAE then signed a memorandum of understanding with Sapio Group to share their expertise, study, and promote low / no carbon logistics solutions based on the integration of renewable vectors such as solar energy and hydrogen. A project in line with the declarations of the Italian government guidelines that expects to see 4000 hydrogen-powered heavy transport vehicles by 2030. In the context of the project, Sapio will provide both a mobile refueling station and the hydrogen necessary for vehicle field testing.

Our Emission Free Vehicles

Infrastructures for electric vehicles charging

We have created charging stations for electric vehicles that carry out delivery activities in urban areas for our Branches in Rome and Bolzano. The source of the electric power are photovoltaic panels installed during our Emission Free Buildings project.

Rome: beginning of the pilot project

After launching it the Capital, FERCAM expands the zero-emission last mile delivery project to other cities

In 2020, the FERCAM Rome Branch was the cradle of the pilot project. The aim is to gradually transition towards transport methods that are increasingly more respectful of the environment and closer to EU goals. We are aiming at carrying out 100% of the distribution within the "Green Belt" of the capital with green vehicles only, within the next few years.

Our company expanded the project to the city centre of Bolzano as well, in 2022. In fact, one of the most recent electric van models was introduces, to handle deliveries in the Limited Traffic Areas of the South Tyrolean capital. In addition to Bolzano, the nearby Trento Branch has also recently introduced a zero-impact vehicle for deliveries in the city centre. The same initiative will shortly be replicated in Milano, Bologna, and Como, with the ultimate goal of managing all deliveries in urban areas with carbon neutral vehicles.
Our Emission Free vehicles