How to prepare for Brexit
How to prepare for Brexit

Brexit: new way of managing trade with the UK

On December 31st, the transition period for Brexit comes to an end and the UK will formally leave the EU.
As we still do not know whether there will be a trade deal between the UK and the European Union (EU) we must prepare for 2021 with the information at our disposal. At the moment, we know that goods entering and leaving the UK will be subject to controls. Therefore, transits will be regulated by the introduction of customs procedures.
FERCAM keeps collecting and updating all information regarding customs clearance, in order to help and support you throughout the whole process. The main goal is to help you moving your goods to and from the UK, making sure your products keep flowing without being subject to any significant delays.

Do you need further help?

Over 70 notices are available on the European Commission's website covering a wide range of economic sectors. They are designed to help all market players prepare for Brexit and are continuously updated with additional sectors and information, and will be translated into all EU languages. We invite you to consult the websites of the active European Commission services and agencies in the sector that interests you and your company. For further information and assistance, please contact the national authorities, the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the competent trade association.

A further guidance can be found in the Commission communication "Preparing for the turnaround" and in the "Notices on preparations" to stakeholders of the individual sectors, published by the Commission services.

Other useful links

In order to remain updated with the latest information, you can find below a list of useful links, with specific information about Brexit and its implications.
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