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Alternative traction: LNG is the viable green choice

Alternative traction: LNG is the viable green choice

The transport sector still has a way to go to improve its environmental impact. However, the trend is positive and is supported by the increasingly widespread use of less polluting alternative fuels, among which the most concrete option to date is LNG. Fo
drivers that will impact the supply chains

3 drivers of change that will impact the future of supply chains

What can we expect for the logistics tomorrow? What outcomes of the emergency experienced in 2020 will have significant repercussions? Which trends should we pay attention to? With Maurizio Vioni, Director of FERCAM’s Logistics Division we analyze 3 centr
bio gas wipptal

Biogas: heavy transport with organic fuel is already a reality

Producing LNG from renewable organic sources, as in the Biogas Wipptal plant, means transforming a waste product into the opportunity to bring the road transport sector closer to objectives of greater ecological sustainability right away
Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020

Ready for next Black Week’s peak? Here are our tips for dealing with it

In the year in which the pandemic has upset global economic dynamics but at the same time brought many newbies closer to buying in e-commerce, the forecasts for shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday remain hopeful. So how to deal with the peak sales?
the advantages of using a single logistics provider

What are the advantages of using a single logistics provider?

The outsourcing of logistics and transport activities is often a necessity and is the right choice to have a guarantee of superior quality services. There are further advantages in choosing a single supplier for the different services you need, as shown b
Consequences of a hard brexit

What will the consequences of a possible "Hard Brexit" be on the transport sector?

There are two months left until the end of the transitional period, which will conclude with the end of the year 2020. However, no agreement has yet been reached between the UK and the EU: the lack of an agreement at an EU level, the so-called "hard Brexi
Sustainable development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals: taking care of the planet and its inhabitants

A process of definition started almost 50 years ago, with an awareness of the need to share the same vision and the same goals for truly sustainable and coherent growth. For business entities, the targets represent guidelines to be expressed in concrete a
coffee supply chain

The coffee supply chain, a 360° logistics and transport experience

Let’s travel with a coffee bean along its long journey, which will lead us from plantations in the tropical and subtropical areas of the world, to the roasting machine, and finally to our own cup. What stages does the process involve and which logistics a
Rethink your supply chain

Seize the opportunity in the crisis to rethink your supply chain

Not only reacting to today's problems but investing correctly in the future, this is the most current challenge for those in charge of logistics chains. How to structure a resilient supply chain? The key concepts are continuous monitoring and flexibility
Real Time Visibility and Predictive Transport

Real Time Visibility and Predictive Transport: transparency at your fingertips

One of the priorities from a logistics point of view today is to be able to establish and manage supply chains with the highest possible efficiency, in order to reduce costs, timeframes and environmental impact. This is made possible by increasingly smart
logistics of tomorrow training paths

The logistics of tomorrow: what training paths are there to enter the world of transport?

Logistics is a fascinating and dynamic sector, which is easier to access after completing a specialized school program. The opportunity to come into contact with companies in the sector is fundamental during training, in order to gain direct experience an
Business continuity fercam

Operational continuity: are we ready to face a crisis?

Is it possible to become more resilient to emergencies? How can you avoid disruption to operations and maintain business performance in the event of extraordinary events? By being prepared for even highly unfavorable circumstances, however unlikely they m
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