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Christian Jarnig FERCAM Austria

FERCAM Austria: how FERCAM’s international network reacted to the Covid-19 emergency

Christian Jarnig, Country Manager of FERCAM Austria, tells us about management during the quarantine period, the consequences for our business and the approach that has allowed the Austrian branches to remain competitive and provide solutions to their cus
fercam tunisia covid reaction

FERCAM Tunisia: how FERCAM’s international network reacted to the Covid-19 emergency

Answering a few questions, the Country Manager of FERCAM Tunisia, Laura Zinolli, outlines the picture of the health emergency in the country, from the rigid but positive management of the quarantine to the impacts on transport activities. Working from hom
Xavier Majem_FERCAM Spain, France and Morocco

FERCAM Spain, France and Morocco: how FERCAM’s international network reacted to the Covid-19 emergency

We asked Xavier Majem, Country Manager at FERCAM Spain, France and Morocco, how lockdown and remote working were experienced, what changes were provoked by new business dynamics and what we should expect in the near future.
Future of ecommerce post Lockdown_FERCAMBlog

E-commerce and home delivery: how will the lessons learned during the lockdown translate to the future?

Many people had never ordered online before being confined in quarantine by Covid-19, but this unusual situation led to a spike in e-commerce purchases. In the future, the focus will be on omnichannel systems and experiencing the dynamics of glocalization
Intermodal transport FERCAM

Intermodal transport: The skip-the-line ticket to Northern Europe

The resumption of post lockdown trading does not necessarily mean having to deal with long queues. The right answer to make transport more efficient, safe, and eco-sustainable, is traveling by rail. And yet the current infrastructure and mode of operation
hydrogen trucks

Could hydrogen be the fuel for an eco-sustainable future?

The production of hydrogen from renewable sources could lead us towards a sustainable energy future. FERCAM, which has always been a promoter of growth and development, is close to the project for the Brenner Green Corridor. We therefore invest in new inn
Factoring FERCAM

Getting out of the liquidity crisis thanks to factoring

After the lockdown phase, many companies need to face the immediate consequences of the suspension of activities. A simple answer to the lack of liquidity, due to difficulties in collecting payments, is the factoring mechanism, or the transfer of one's cr
air shipments_impact of Covid-19

International logistics: the impact of Covid-19 on air shipments and future development projects

The air freight sector was heavily impacted by the Covid-19 emergency. Jury Michelozzi, Director of the Air & Ocean Division, describes the current scenarios, which are different for import and export, composing a picture of the initial recovery. The ques
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