Relocation Service: What's It All About?
Relocation Service: What's It All About?
29 September 2023 - by: Dorina Lisnic

Relocation Service: What's It All About?

Moving abroad or just to a new city is a significant step. "Relocation" aims to simplify this transition, allowing those relocating to focus on their new work commitments while avoiding facing the challenges of the move alone. But what exactly does the term "relocation" mean?

Relocation Service: What's It All About?

Relocation, often associated with the corporate world, is provided by highly specialized companies. They offer a range of services to facilitate the relocation of an employee and their family, often referred to as "expats," to their new destination. These services frequently fall under companies' "global mobility" strategies. The primary goal for companies seeking a relocation service for their employees is to make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible for their clients.

In addition to Relocation, there's another service category known as Immigration, whose name suggests its purpose: managing all the legal procedures necessary for entry and residence in a foreign country for periods longer than those allowed for tourism.

Who are the expats?
In the context of relocation, the term "expat" is a commonly used abbreviation to refer to "expatriates." Expats are individuals who choose to live and work in a country different from where they were born or previously resided. This decision is often driven by work or study opportunities abroad and requires services to facilitate their relocation and adjustment.

What does a relocation package offer?
The services included in a relocation package vary according to clients' needs and preferences but usually encompass a range of vital supports for a stress-free move. Here are some of the key services often included:

  • Housing Search: Finding the ideal home is often the most pressing priority. This service provides comprehensive support, from searching to selecting the property, to negotiating the rental contract, always considering the client's needs and budget. This is among the most sought-after services, as finding the right home can be a complex and burdensome journey. By turning to a relocation company, clients save time and energy, letting expert professionals handle the search and negotiations.
  • Bureaucratic Assistance: Help is provided in managing all the necessary documentation, whether it's to obtain work visas and permits or to meet immigration requirements. This also includes formalities to reside in the new country, such as obtaining a tax code or registering with the local health service.
  • Orientation Services: Designed for those unfamiliar with the destination locale, it offers guidance through the different residential areas. During the tour, essential information about the local lifestyle is provided, from public transportation to the health system, from businesses to schools, if necessary. It's a unique opportunity to quickly grasp the main cultural aspects, learn about the available services, and nuances of everyday life in the new location.
  • Educational Assistance: Moving to a new city or country with a family is a challenge, especially for children and their education. The educational assistance service is designed to guide families in choosing the ideal educational institution. This service offers a careful selection of top schools in the area, providing detailed information based on the client's specific needs. It also organizes visits to the institutions and meetings with their staff, ensuring an informed and targeted decision to ensure children have both a welcoming and stimulating educational environment.
  • Moving Logistics: The physical transfer of belongings is one of the most tangible and demanding phases of a relocation process. The moving assistance service facilitates this transition, handling the logistics of moving furniture, personal effects, and any other items from the old to the new residence.

In an increasingly global world, relocation plays a crucial role in supporting individuals and companies on their journey to new horizons. Through high-quality services and package customization, clients can choose from a range of options to create a tailor-made package that includes only the services they require. Moreover, relying on a relocation company makes this process more accessible, efficient, and peaceful for those undertaking it.

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