Biogas for the trucks of the future: the new FERCAM Design Contest

In 2020, FERCAM chose to be part of Biogas Wipptal. The result of the innovative project will be the production of ecological fuel (LNG) for heavy vehicles and the opening of a new dedicated gas station. To celebrate the good news, which brings us ever closer to the ambitious objectives of environmental sustainability and potentially zero-emission transport, we decided to hold a new “Design Contest”.
bio design contest fercam
The competition was open to all the children and grandchildren of FERCAM Group’s employees, aged 4 to 15, and to the pupils of two primary schools in the area, in Prati and Campo di Trens. Participants were invited to let their imagination run free, inspired by the theme "Biogas: ecological fuel for the truck of the future", to tell the story of BioLNG production starting from farm waste.
In their artworks, the children were asked to add recycled materials, such as paper and cardboard, packaging or natural materials, composing a collage to be completed with classic drawing techniques. This is consistent with the principle of sustainability, demonstrating that from waste, with intelligence, we can obtain something very precious, exactly as it happens in the innovative Biogas Wipptal plant.

From our little artists we have received a total of 240 designs! The theme has inspired many to portray very cute cows, some of which have turned into trucks, others in full… "activity" to support the fuel production. We saw haystacks made of real straw, hens made of cotton, wooden sticks as a fence and buttons or caps as wheels, even a whole fruit to symbolize the sun. Participants showed great creativity and dexterity, truly giving life to our message of a greener future for road transport.

The drawings we received were organized into categories, according to age. An internal jury made up of 11 people then met (in a virtual meeting) to deliberate and elect winners for each category. It was a difficult task, many drawings also ended up in the ballot: there were so many beautiful ideas that we would have liked to reward everyone! As has become tradition, the designs most voted by the jury will soon be able to travel around Europe on our FERCAM trucks. But that’s not all: next autumn we plan to organize a temporary exhibition to display all the participants’ artworks and to prepare panels that will decorate the corridors and halls of our branches.