Crossing sea and land to deliver an exceptional load

A few days ago, FERCAM’s Air & Ocean department in Barcelona handled the transport of an exceptional cargo. Weighing more than 50 tons and measuring over 10 meters in length, this piece of heavy machinery was imported from the USA and destined to Tarragona, Spain.
oversize load FERCAM
"To spice up the challenge, this cargo was extremely urgent and the transit time to the port in Barcelona was too long to meet our customer needs" explains Jesús Garcia, A&O Department Manager. The cargo was shipped to Antwerp, to benefit from a shorter transit time.

Once the load reached the docks in Belgium, it had to be transferred onto a special truck. Garcia continues, "we realized that the original crate would not have allowed us to properly handle the cargo and safely secure it on the vehicle: the situation called for devanning. This may sound simple, but it is always one of the most demanding and delicate operations to perform".
Since France does not allow crossing the country with this kind of special cargo, the truck had to travel on a Ro-Ro vessel, which departed from Zeebrugge port. By sea, the load reached Bilbao, where the cargo went through customs clearance and the final section of the journey began. By road freight, the special delivery finally reached its destination.

"We are proud to be able to say that the cargo was delivered on time, strictly following all planned steps. Now we are preparing for a second transport, knowing that we are certainly ready to face the challenge. This is the kind of experience that makes us able to tell our customers Yes, with FERCAM it’s possible!", concludes the Department Manager.