DECEMBER: here is our operational plan!

Even during Christmas time, your goods travel safely with FERCAM!

We are always attentive to your needs, even during the Christmas holidays and all shipments entrusted to FERCAM can rely on a safe journey. Our branches are at your complete disposal for optimal planning of national and international shipments in order to meet any special needs. Here is our operational plan during Christmas and New Year's holidays:


If goods are entrusted to us by the reference dates indicated below, delivery times will be regular: the last departure of the Regular National Transport Plan will take place on Friday, December 22, with subsequent resumption on Tuesday, January 9. In this time frame, despite our constant opening to ensure the best service to our customers, there will inevitably be extended transit times due to the holidays, traffic blocks, and centralization of connections. The national distribution service will return to regular operation from January 9, 2024.


The International departments will only guarantee centralized departures from the main HUBs starting from the end of week 51 of the year 2023, with a consequent extension of transit times. The regular resumption of service will take place at the beginning of week 02, year 2024. 


We are at your complete disposal to offer optimal solutions for your international shipments.