FERCAM and the Ministry of Defence sign an agreement as part of the "EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES" Project

BOLZANO (BZ) - 13/02/2024 - Today, at the Unified Army Club "DRUSO" in Bolzano, an agreement was signed between the Ministry of Defence and the transport and logistics company FERCAM, aimed at facilitating the reintegration into the workforce for discharged military personnel.

The agreement was signed by Colonel Riccardo CRISTONI of the Alpine Troops Command and Johann Friedrich Harder, Director of the FERCAM branch in Bolzano.
The agreement falls within the scope of the "Employment Opportunities" project coordinated by the General Secretariat of Defence and National Directorate of Armaments, and developed by the Army in each region, with the aim of facilitating, in the interests of the entrepreneurial system, the meeting between job demand and supply, supporting any possible action to facilitate the retrieval of qualified human resources in the job market, through the use of guidance, information, and training tools, suitable for overcoming any difficulties.
Present at the signing of the agreement for FERCAM, in addition to the Director of the Bolzano branch, Johann Friedrich Harder, was the Recruiting and Career Development Manager, Rosanna Amodio. "We are proud to have started a collaboration with the Alpine Troops Command: a valuable partnership that promotes a new opportunity for occupational matching. At FERCAM, we have always been committed to promoting the enhancement of the skills of our employees and the implementation of innovative solutions for the search for new resources. Thanks to the skills acquired during their military career, young servicemen will be able to integrate into the stimulating work environment provided by FERCAM," said Rosanna Amodio.
Indeed, a good portion of discharged military personnel have numerous affinities with the professional profiles sought by companies operating in transport and logistics, possessing not only specific sectoral skills but also most of the desirable requirements: young age, dynamism, discipline, autonomy, initiative, esprit de corps, ability to relate and keep up with innovations. The signing of the agreement followed the accreditation procedure of FERCAM within the "SilDifesa" Database, the software recently reengineered to manage and assist the thousands of discharged military personnel enrolled in the Ministry of Defence's "Employment Opportunities" project.
Today's ceremony also represented an opportunity to meet with the main local authorities, whose presence was particularly appreciated, as evidence of the bond and fruitful synergy underway among the various institutions in the Regional territory.

The Ministry of Defence's Employment Opportunities Project
The ceremony was preceded by a debate, chaired by Colonel Riccardo CRISTONI of the Alpine Troops Command and moderated by a Professional Counsellor from the Minister of Defence, which addressed the numerous aspects of the "Employment Opportunities" project. This project, managed by the Ministry of Defence in all Italian regions, through the competent Offices for each territory, adds to the numerous activities supporting the professional reintegration of discharged volunteers from the Armed Forces. Among the various measures implemented to facilitate employment reintegration: information services, individual orientation interviews, services to companies (making available the professional resumes of former military personnel seeking employment), and precisely facilitating the meeting between job demand and supply ("Matching") through the "S.I.L.D." software ("Defence Job Information System"), which is continuously updated and enhanced.