FERCAM brings the taste of the South Tyrolean mountains to the world

Mountains in South Tyrol are more than a romantic panorama on the horizon: it is an environment to live in, day by day, from the physical experience of reaching higher altitudes to meet increasingly uncontaminated scenarios, to the fruits of a generous nature, which has fed generations. This is the habitat that Norbert Niederkofler, starred Chef of international fame, illustrates in his book "Cook the Mountain".
Nature, culture and cuisine are here intertwined with poetic harmony, in two volumes that interact with each other: one made up of evocative photographs of landscapes, small culinary masterpieces and picturesque portraits, the other revealing the precious secrets of recipes worthy of 3 Michelin stars. In these pages, love for pastures and peaks is combined with the respect for local traditions and an invitation to seasonal and sustainable cuisine.

In the shadow of these same Dolomites, over 70 years ago FERCAM also began writing its history. "As we share the affection for our territory and embrace the same goal, an eco-sustainable development, we were very honoured when Chef Niederkofler entrusted us with the task of delivering the book to his readers where he tells about his concept, derived from years of work and study”comments Hannes Baumgartner, Chief Executive Officer. FERCAM was in fact commissioned to deliver the books to recipients who managed to seize one of the precious copies with a personalized inscription or an original autographed bookmark postcard.

“A white-glove job, to be executed with care and speed. Managing the shipment is challenging. Each unit has a specific recipient, given that the book is personalized and is available in Italian, German and English” says Paola Tagliari, head of the logistics and distribution department in Bolzano. Norbert Niederkofler himself is in the warehouse to personally sign each copy of the book and perfectly integrates into the logistic assembly line. The chef collaborators are working side by side with the FERCAM team, assembling, labeling and preparing the different pallets for shipping.

"Cook the Mountain" is a book that has the environment close to its heart: printed on paper obtained from apple waste and packaged with a simple cardboard support, which can be transformed into a lectern, it is also shipped with almost no use of plastic. "We have developed an ad-hoc packing method that envisages the sole use of cardboard for transport, so as to avoid the use of plastic materials, in compliance with the philosophy of Chef Niederkofler. With the support of colleagues from the Padua branch, shipments have reached in exceptional times even remote locations around the globe: New Zealand, Canada, Colorado, Singapore, Hong Kong ... We are very happy to work with a Customer whose approach and attention to the environment we appreciate so much. And we are also satisfied with how we are managing this service, which has involved us almost at 360°, with logistics, national and international distribution, as well as the air and ocean division”.