FERCAM: challenging logistics services under the banner of safety and social responsibility

In collaboration with Versalis, Eni's chemical company, the South Tyrolean logistics operator FERCAM guarantees the daily distribution of disinfectant gels to about 17,000 state and equal schools across the country.
The pandemic has led and continues to have devastating repercussions on economy, society and logistics, as well as profoundly changing the daily habits of the entire population. Hand disinfectant masks and gels are and will remain for a long time a constant in our daily life: at home, at work and at school.

An integrated logistics chain at the service of schools

To ensure hygiene, safety and health protection of the entire national school fabric, FERCAM has been distributing hand disinfectant gel produced by Versalis (Eni) daily in about 17,000 national schools since the beginning of the year.

FERCAM picks up the goods from the production plant to forward them to its hubs in Carpiano and Caorso, where they are sorted and forwarded to their destination; each shipment consists of an average of 6 packages of 12 bottles each, for a total weight of 40kg. Every day, between 2,000 and 3,000 direct deliveries to schools of all levels and levels take place, distributed throughout the peninsula.
The disinfectant gel is one of the product sectors that are subject to the ADR regulations: thanks to the single packs of 500 ml, it can be transported as LQ, a regime envisaged for limited quantities. FERCAM has set up dedicated assistance both for the removal of products from the production site and for their subsequent distribution, made very difficult in particular by the constant changes in the epidemiological situation which requires school premises to be closed and opened with very strict notice.

Flexibility to guarantee continuity and reliability of the service

The greatest challenge with this order is to be able to guarantee operational flexibility, while maintaining the absolute reliability of the service in this unprecedented historical period: just think of the sudden changes in our personal and professional habits, due to the colour changes imposed on the regions, and even to individual provinces or municipalities within the regions themselves.
"The greatest difficulty for us and for the customer is the impossibility of having a reliable weekly program, due to the sudden changes of colour that the territory undergoes even on a daily basis, so we must constantly and jointly adapt the programming and organize our distribution structure in compliance with the needs of the school network, guaranteeing an excellent service in terms of delivery times. On Fridays, when the national and regional / local governmental bodies communicate the colours attributed to the various areas, a very important work of planning and immediate reorganization of the network begins for us, to serve the institutes the next day in accordance with their openings and closures" says Giovanni Andrioli, Head of Sales Logistics & Key Account Management Distribution, and project manager.

"This commitment, however, makes both parties proud, because by sharing our logistical and distribution know-how, we are able to provide a very important service and make ourselves available to young people, who represent the future of our population, and to the government structures involved in emergency management. I sincerely believe that at national level FERCAM is the most flexible and integrated company on the market today, with a capillary network of branches, a proactive and reactive management, and that thanks to the partnership established with its customers, it is able to react very quickly in this uncertain scenario, to be able to reach even the most distant of institutes in time, to ensure that those who access it can do so in respect of safety and health" concludes Andrioli.

The disinfectant gel:

Invix®, the gel distributed in all Italian schools of all levels, is a disinfectant preparation with antimicrobial action for hygienic hand friction, made by Versalis in the plant in Crescentino (Vercelli) using ethanol from raw materials as the vegetal active ingredient. The product is a Medical Surgical Device authorized by the Ministry of Health, developed according to the formulation of the World Health Organization. The gel contains a cellulose-based thickener, free of microplastics.