FERCAM Fairs & Exhibitions local contractor for the ESGE Congress in Rome

The thirtieth edition of the annual Congress of the European Society for Gynecological Endoscopy (ESGE) was held in Rome at the beginning of October. FERCAM was chosen as a local contractor by an international agent specializing in events and fairs, to coordinate all the logistical activities related to the handling of the stands and exhibition material intended for the Congress.
fercam fiera esge
A hybrid event, both physical and virtual, organized in the elegant convention center of the Rome Marriott Park Hotel, with a dense conference program and over 30 brands on display. "Managing such an event in the spaces of a hotel reserves various complexities", explains Marco Austeri, Fairs & Exhibitions Specialists at FERCAM Rome. "While an exhibition center tends to be already designed for carrying out logistical activities related to setting up exhibition stands, a hotel is rightly born with another primary intended use. It was therefore essential to carry out a preventive inspection to properly plan what resources we would need and what measures to take. We were happy to find in this location ample outdoor space for trucks maneuvering, with which the exhibitors' materials had to be delivered, and the possibility of circulating in the outdoor spaces with forklifts to speed up loading and unloading activities".

The role of the local contractor is of fundamental importance for the success of an event: it is the eye of the organizer and the contact person during the event for the other entities involved, from exhibitors to transporters and staff employed at the location. Francesco Coccia, Department Manager, comments: "the organization envisaged the involvement of three different set-up companies that were managing stand construction for the display of medical machinery. In this occasion, the transports were planned independently, but FERCAM coordinated on site unloading operations, according to a precise access schedule, with the aim of optimizing time and space in the best possible way. At the same time we managed the delivery of over 20 cubic meters of material, which had been delivered to our branch in Rome and was progressively distributed to exhibitors".

The operating mode of FERCAM Fairs & Exhibitions involves a careful analysis and scheduling of activities, always with the dual objective of ensuring efficiency and safety. At the same time, it is crucial to be able to react to contingent needs and unforeseen circumstances, with all the necessary flexibility, solving problems promptly and developing extemporaneous solutions. The all-round service provides assistance in the transport, set-up and dismantling phases, as well as collection and custody of the packaging for the entire duration of the event.

"On the last day of Congress we received a request to promptly procure a machine that had remained in the hospital», continues Austeri. «We have therefore organized an express withdrawal with one of our vehicles. We then dealt with the dismantling operations, a delicate and always rather hectic moment, during which promptness of response is undoubtedly the first necessary skill". Coccia concludes: "we can be very satisfied with the performance of our team: in 40 minutes the empty crates were returned for repacking and in 3 hours we freed the location".