FERCAM: first field test with the new MB eActros and with swap body

(Bolzano, February the 15th 2023) The South Tyrolean logistics and transport company collaborated with Mercedes-Benz Trucks Italia S.r.l to carry out the first real transport in Italy with the brand new 100% electric truck.

From Bolzano to Innsbruck carrying goods without any harmful emissions, without noise and in full driving comfort: FERCAM was the first to test an international distribution service with the electric Mercedes-Benz Actros. The two companies are united by their common commitment to the implementation of CO2-neutral Road freight transport solutions and are therefore working together to accelerate the transition.

«We are proud that FERCAM decided to road test the performance of our vehicle. The eActros, awarded Sustainable Truck of the Year 2023, is the ideal truck for short- and medium-haul transport, thanks to its 400 km range», said Maurizio Pompei, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Italy.

The transport activity that took place during the test week had as its point of contact a local office in Austria, FERCAM's distribution partner in Europe outside Italy. The load amounted to about 6 tonnes of goods each way, with Heinz Lambacher at the wheel, a FERCAM driver for more than 16 years. When the vehicle was handed over to FERCAM on Monday, a Daimler expert conducted the briefing for the staff, providing all the necessary information for the correct handling and driving of the vehicle. 

«It really is a nice vehicle to drive, and I would have loved to have tested it for an even longer distance. You can really feel that it's a different engine, the quietest I've ever driven... you don't even know it's running unless you look at the display! Inside the cab it is very much like an Actros, like the ones that are already in the FERCAM fleet: it is comfortable, spacious, pleasant to drive and also to park», these are Mr Lambacher's impressions.

For the journey it was sufficient to recharge the batteries when loading goods and on arrival, no intermediate stops were necessary. The great efficiency of the eActros can also be seen in the possibility of recovering electrical energy: when braking or slowing down, the eAxle's electric motors work as generators, with the traction system recharging the batteries, increasing the vehicle's range.

The test was also a perfect combination of innovation and upcycling, as the brand-new tractor has been attached to a mobile case that FERCAM has kept in use for almost 30 years. «Updating the fleet to put low- or zero-emission engines on the road is absolutely necessary, but being authentically sustainable also involves this kind of choice. This old crate of ours is not the most gleaming nor the most modern, but it still does its job very well. By postponing its disposal, we further reduce our environmental impact», comments Branch Manager Johann Harder.

Technical details about the eActros

High autonomy
Depending on the version, the eActros is equipped with three or four battery packs, each one with an energy capacity of approximately 105 kWh. In combination with four 420 kWh battery packs, a range of up to 400 kilometres can be achieved. In addition, with a particularly cautious driving style it is possible to recover electrical energy. The energy gained during braking is fed back into the batteries of the eActros and made available for use by the driving system.

Integral part of a business ecosystem
The eActros is not just a vehicle but part of the integrated eActros solution, which including the traditional Truck services, it also offers the new eConsulting service. An offer that takes a further step towards the goal of Emission Free Transport. To support transport companies at every stage of their journey towards electric mobility, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has incorporated the eActros into an ecosystem that also includes consulting services, as well as a range of digital solutions aimed at increasing the utilisation of vehicle capacity and optimising the total cost of ownership.

Smart digital solutions
Thanks to the interactive multimedia dashboard that comes as standard with the eActros, the driver is constantly updated on the battery charge level and remaining battery life, as well as current and average energy consumption.

High safety for the driver and other road users
There are numerous features and systems on board the eActros to ensure a high level of safety on the road. For improved acoustic perception of the vehicle by road users such as pedestrians and cyclists, the eActros is by standard equipped with the Exterior Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS). The Turn Assist System, a supplementary tool on the eActros, also provides additional safety when making right-hand turns. Another system included as standard is the fifth-generation Active Brake Assist emergency braking system with pedestrian recognition.