FERCAM has signed a new partnership with Regusto to say no to waste

An innovative solution to be proposed to customers in Italy who have stocks at risk of wastage: through the platform, they can be recovered and donated to non-profit organisations, which distribute them when as needed

Thanks to Regusto, FERCAM can now create a bridge between its partners or customers in the supply chain and non-profit beneficiary companies, to optimize the donation processes of products at risk of waste, food and non-food. The Regusto platform allows to optimize and trace the process of product donation: it is an opportunity to join forces, in the direction of a truly sustainable development. By donating non-marketable goods, we avoid waste, with positive effects both for the environment and society. 

Hannes Baumgartner, Managing Director, says: «a company like ours, which has constant visibility of the stock of countless manufacturers, can and must play a key role in reducing waste. Now, thanks to the agreement with Regusto, we have an excellent partner at our side, to offer our customers a simple solution to recover products at risk of waste, giving them to non-profit organizations, who will reuse them as needed. Collaborating can generate a very important positive impact!». 

With Regusto we can constantly monitor the positive impact of our initiatives: the platform tracks all the information, connecting the parties involved and saving all the data related to transactions within a public register. The indicators make it possible to assess and measure the social, environmental and economic benefits of the recovery and redistribution of food, non-food and pharmaceutical products. Customers who use the service will be able to present this data in their annual sustainability report.